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Review: Narciso Eau de Toilette

If you thought that the previous Narciso fragrance couldn’t get any better, then you haven’t tried the Eau de Toilette version! For Summer 2015, Narciso Rodriguez has launched an Eau de Toilette version of the Narciso perfume. When I tried out this fragrance for the first time, I immediately thought of the Modern Muse by Estee Lauder. They’re SO similar to each other! The only difference I can smell is that the Modern Muse is slightly sharper and the Narciso EDT is very milky and warm.


Top Notes     |  Peony, Bulgarian Rose
Heart Notes  |  Musk
Base Notes    |  Cedar, White Cedar Extract, Vetiver

I’m surprised by the amount of ingredients in it, I was definitely expecting more ingredients when I first tried out the fragrance. The ingredients are very simple and pretty straight forward, you have a floral, woody and a musky note. The EDT is slightly more intense than the EDP and I definitely prefer this version over the previous one! It has more character to it and it’s warmer. It’s such a beautiful and feminine fragrance however, I think this version is more appropriate for the Winter season so I’ll most probably wear it then. I love the black sleek bottle, I think it has something Mediterranean to it!

”Narciso Eau de Toilette” is available in 30 ml  (200 AED), 50ml (370 AED) and 90ml (535 AED) 



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