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Review: NARS Holiday Collection 2014

NARS has launched many amazing items this year including this collection dedicated to
Christmas. NARS Holiday 2014 Color Collection features three lipsticks, three lip
glosses, three eyeshadows, three nail polishes, and one blush. The lipsticks and
eyeshadows have a new (Hardwired) formula. All of the shades are limited edition and
the colours remind me of the cosy holiday season. 


The lace etching print on the packaging is inspired by architectural designer Chris
Kabatsi’s work




Swatches from top to bottom:
#GABON            |  Bronzed green
#CANBERRA    |  Shimmering lavender
#OPAL COAST  |  Iridescent white


photo 1 photo 2

In the two images above I’m wearing the purple/lavender shade #Canberra on my lids
and crease. I absolutely adore these three stunning shades! The colours are definitely
suitable for Fall and Winter. The shimmers in it makes it a bit difficult to blend the
eyeshadows nicely, it takes a really soft brush and a lot of patience 😉 What I do like
about the shimmers is that it looks glossy instead of shimmery. The pigmentation of
these eyeshadows are great! However, the white shade #Opal Coast isn’t as vibrant as
the other two are.

Price: $25 each


NARS Holiday 2014 Collection ”Hardwired Lipsticks”



Swatches from left to right:
#ADRIATIC             |  Glistening soft cream
#FEMME FLEUR   |  Shimmering brick red with gold pearl
#DEADLY CATCH  | Crimson





I think I’ve found my new favourite lipsticks! These Hardwired Lipsticks offer a semi-
matte, creamy finishing. The texture feels soft, creamy and it glides on the lips when
applying. The colours offer the most vibrant shade with just one swipe. It moisturises
and nourishes the lips through out the day.

Price: $26 each



NARS ”Hardwired Lipgloss” in #SOLEIL D’ORIENT (Shimmering pink champagne)

To wear this gloss on its own looks a bit too light for my complexion. Instead, I wear it on
top of a pink lipstick to create a baby pink/glossy colour. On fair complexions however it
can look lovely! The texture feels how a normal lipgloss feels like and it lasts forever on
the lips!

Price: $26 each



NARS ”Blush” in #ALMERIA (Tan rose)

If you have a darker complexion and you don’t own this blush yet, what are you waiting
for! This is the perfect shade for Desi, Emarati and African skin complexions! Its not
too dark, and not too light, it offers an enough amount of rosy colour to the cheeks. The
limited edition blush offers a matte and vibrant finish. Its a tad too dark for my
complexion but I can’t wait to use it on my clients with darker complexions!

Price: $30 each




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