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Review | neuLASH serum + Before and After results



Before I started using neuLASH, I’ve heard so many great things about how lash serums
make your lashes grow in a second! When Neu Cosmetics (which is originally an
American cosmetics brand)
launched in the Middle East, I was super thrilled to try it out!



I’ve been using the neuLASH serum for about 2 months religiously. By religiously I mean
every night before I go to sleep. According to the brand you’re supposed to see results
after 30 days, however I could already see results in the first week of using the serum!



IMG_3111 2    IMG_3114
Before                                                                    Before with mascara


IMG_5723    IMG_5732
After                                                                       After with mascara

In the before and after pictures I used the same mascara which is the Estee Lauder
Sumptuous Infinite Mascara




How to use the NeuLash Serum:
Make sure your eyes are clean and your eye make-up is completely removed. The
eyes and lashes should be dry before applying the serum. Then apply the serum at the
roots of the lashes, as if you’re applying eyeliner. Do the same thing on your lower lash
line and one line on each eye is enough.


Down side or side effects?
I haven’t experienced any side effects or irritations. The only thing I experienced
sometimes was after the lash serum dries up and sets in on your lashes, it gives a
tickling sensation which made my eyes tear a little.


Price: 3.2 ml   |  455 AED  
               6ml   |  795 AED


I definitely recommend this lash serum, I’ve always had really short lashes and never
thought that my lashes would ever grow this fast and this long



For more information on where you can find NeuLash in the UAE, check out their website


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