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Review | Rimmel Make-up


I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend, I've enjoyed it a bit too much because I'm feeling very
lazy today! Since everyone is getting back to work now and you're probably in a rush in the
morning, you can quickly get ready with these 3 products by Rimmel. It's easy to apply, the quality
is great and it's very affordable.

Read my review of these products down below.

Rimmel 25 hour Foundation in 'Natural Beige' #400



The coverage of the foundation is super! I had a lot of redness on my skin and it surprisingly
covered everything. Usually I cover the redness first with green concealer and on top of that I
apply my foundation. This time I didn't use green concealer because I wanted to see whether the
foundation would cover it, and it did!

What I love the most about this foundation, is that it doesn't smudge on clothes (for example
around the collar). Also once you've applied the foundation, it doesn't feel like your wearing
anything on your skin. It basically sticks to the skin and you can touch your skin without being
careful because the foundation doesn't go anywhere!

Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner in 'Glossy Black' #003


IMG_3692       IMG_3697

The name of the eyeliner really says is all: Exaggerate. Because of the shape of the brush you can
create really nice, thick, winged eyeliners. As you can see in the picture's, the color is also very

Rimmel 1000 Kisses in 'Perpetual Plum' #300


IMG_3733      IMG_3736

This lip tint is very interesting. It looks like a marker and the texture really feels like a marker as
well. Because of the 'marker' shape, you can easily line your lips. The lip tint is also super long-

The less you apply, the lighter the color. You can double layer it if you want the color to be darker.
Apply the first layer then allow it to dry for a few seconds then apply the 2nd layer.

On the back of the lipstick there is a balm to moisturize the lips. If you apply it on top of the lipstick
you will have glossy lips and moisturized at the same time.