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Rihanna did it again! Another RIRI hearts MAC collaboration!

Rihanna’s collaboration with MAC makes a comeback with the return of the RiRi Woo lipstick along with two new lipsticks; Pleasure Bomb and Bad Girl Riri. The collection was meant for the Holiday season. It came out in the States and in the rest of the world in December but of course we always receive everything late in the Middle East so it came out mid Februari in our region…. Better late then never! : )


Swatches: ‘RiRi hearts MAC’ Matte lipstick in #Bad Girl Riri#Pleasure Bomb


RiRi hearts MAC
Matte lipstick in #Pleasure Bomb

It’s a vibrant, brightened fuchsia with some red and cool, blue undertones and it has a matte finish. It had extremely good pigmentation, and it gave full color coverage when applied. The consistency was nice and creamy. (Ps: Please excuse the redness around my lips, I’ve had terrible break outs lately)


photo 5

I think it’s a gorgeous lipstick but I think the shade is a bit too strong and bright for my skin tone. If I would’ve been more tanned I think it would look nicer on me 🙂
Price: $16,50



RiRi hearts MAC
Matte lipstick in #Bad Girl Riri

At first sight I would describe the lipstick color as brown, but once it’s applied the shade transforms into a warm Rose Brown shade with Taupey/Purple undertones with a matte finish. And again the texture is creamy and it glides on the lips when applying.


photo 4

Usually I’m not very into brown lipsticks because I don’t think they suit me. But for some reason, this shade goes quite good with my skin tone and features. It’s described as a nude lipstick, obviously for fair to medium skin it’s not nude at all. However it can be a gorgeous nude lipstick for those with dark skin!
Price: $16,50



RiRi hearts MAC
Superslick liquid eyeliner in #Cockiness

This liquid glitter eyeliner is described as a shimmery copper shade with barely-there gold glitters. Usually I don’t trust gel eyeliner because once it dries, it actually dries out and creates cracks which makes the glitters fall off. When I tried this gel eyeliner I was really surprised by how great the quality was. Once it dries, it doesn’t go anywhere! It also doesn’t dry out too much, it actually feels quite rubbery which I think is more pleasant when wearing it on the eyes. It’s very long lasting, I even tried to scratch it off my skin and guess what?!.. I couldn’t get it off! But of course with make-up remover it’s easy to remove 😉
Price: $20,50


RiRi hearts MAC Veluxe pearlfushion shadow in #Phresh out

The eyeshadow palette speaks for itself, the colors are soooo pretty and shimmery. Personally I like this eyeshadow palette more than from the previous RiRi hearts collection because the colors are SO vibrant! All 5 shades have a frosted/metallic finish which is a huge trend this year! The gold and rose shade are a bit more glittery than the rest of the shades. The eye shadow palette can be used wet or dry.
Price: $44



RiRi hearts MAC Bronzing powder in #Love, Rihanna

This stunning bronzer contains two shades; a matte medium Golden-Brown bronzing powder and in the middle of the compact you’ll find a raised “R” that has a Copper frost.



I’ve heard and read so many bad reviews about this bronzer and the majority removed the raised copper ‘R’ in the middle. I tried to look at it from many different point of views but I honestly can’t figure out why people are being so negative about it. Personally, I didn’t face any problems with it and I really liked it. At first I was afraid that the copper frost would accentuate my open pores more but surprisingly it didn’t. If you have a dark skin, you can create a stunning glow on the cheekbones by applying the copper frost of the bronzer! The powdery formula feels silky and
blends easily while applying.
Price: $30


Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 9.16.16 AM
RiRi hearts MAC collection



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