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Review: Rita Ora X RIMMEL ”60 Seconds Color Rush”



Rimmel has launched the ”60 seconds Color Rush” in collaboration with Rita Ora. The
nail colour collection is available in 12 shades varying from nude to flashy colours. The
”60 seconds Color Rush” claims to dry within 60 seconds and acquires a single coat only.
Let’s find out what these nail colours exactly offer….



IMG_4787        IMG_4790

#853 PILLOW TALK                                                     #823 BLINDFOLD ME BLUE
Coats: Double coat is necessary                                    Coats: Single coat is enough

The first coat does dry up within 60 seconds,            This shade is super vibrant! A  
however, once the second coat is applied it                single coat is indeed more than 
takes longer than 60 seconds to dry                             enough.



IMG_4781       IMG_4778

#513 LET’S GET NUDE                                                #203 LOSE YOUR LINGERIE
Coats: Double coated                                                      Coats: Double coat is necessary

This is one of the prettiest nude nail colours I            The formula and coverage to his
have ever tried. A single coat looks like a sheer          shade is very similar to #853
nude colour which is pretty too but personally          PILLOW TALK. A double coat is
I think a double coat looks better.                                  necessary and the second coat takes
.                                                                                            longer to dry.




Coats: Single coat

This formula is very similar to #823 BLINDFOLD
ME BLUE. It’s vibrant and dries up quickly!


I must say, for a drugstore product these nail colours are pretty reasonable although
not every shade dries up within 60 seconds and a few shades need a double coat,
considering the price (20,- AED) I think it’s a good deal.


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