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Review: SACHAJUAN hair products



I recently decided to switch up my current hair routine and try out some Sachajuan products. I’ve read so many great things about the brand and many respectable hair stylists are using it. Not to mention, the packaging is so photo friendly and “Instagramable”. I tried two of their products, the Moisturizing Shampoo and the Hair Repair Treatment. They look so sleek and chic, I love having these products in my bathroom. However, I’m so disappointed in these two products in particular…

I tried so hard to make these products work for me but I ended up going back to my current hair routine. I really wanted to switch over to Sachajuan products because they’re so much more affordable than the current products I’m using. For the price that I would pay for a Sachajuan 250ml shampoo & 250ml hair mask is the price for 1 Kevin Murphy shampoo. They also have huge bottles of 1000 ml available, this is great because then I will always have enough shampoo at home.

Although I will continue using the “Moisturizing Shampoo” whenever I wash my hair because it was alright, it wasn’t “bad” for my hair but it wasn’t life changing. The hair mask didn’t work for me at all, the texture was way too thin to perform as a hair mask. Especially considering the fact that I have dry, curly hair and it’s bleached, I need something that will moisturize my hairs from within. I’ve done some research prior to purchasing these products and I went to the Sachajuan counter in Harvey Nichols to ask for advice. The lady at the counter just wanted to sell me products and had no idea what she was talking about when I asked about the products so that wasn’t very helpful. Maybe the lady just sold me the wrong products for my hair…

Even though these two products didn’t do it for me, I still want to try their purple shampoo for blonde hair. I’m currently using the L’oreal silver shampoo and although it’s working great for me, I’m still curious to see how the Sachajuan purple shampoo will perform.



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