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SEPHORA’s yummy Spring collection!

Just like every other brand, Sephora launched a few new products dedicated to their Spring collection.



Colorful N°101 Comet chaser BD-72aedColorful N°103 Star-crossed lovers (Pink) BD-72aedColorful N°98 Lunar eclipse (Metal silver) BD-72 aed


SEPHORA Colorful Eye shadow (mirror effect) in:
#101 Comet chaser
#103 Star-crossed lovers
#98 Lunar eclipse

Sephora added six new Mirror finish eyeshadows to their Colorful Eyeshadow range as a limited edition. Unlike most Spring make-up collections, these colors are quite dark and smokier. The Mirror finish is highly pigmented and the texture is blend able. The eyeshadows are supposed to last for 10 hours. They’re SUPER pretty and I’m definitely getting myself some more colors!

Price: 72 AED



SEPHORA ”Rouge Infusion” #10 Red essence


SEPHORA ”Rouge Infusion” #05 Fuchsia (concentrate)


SEPHORA ”Rouge Infusion” in #07 Strawberry (tint)

The finishing is super glossy (which you won’t hear me complain about) When I applied the lip glosses it wasn’t necessarily soothing or creamy, but it also didn’t dry my lips out. The application of this product was quite thin because of the watery consistency. It’s extremely high pigmented, easy to apply, doesn’t bleed, very long lasting.. YES! Finally a lipgloss that lives up to my standards. These lip glosses are ”the BOMB!”

Please do keep in mind that these glosses stain for a very long time. If you like to switch up your lip color through out the day, then you might want to skip these.

The Rouge Infusion lip glosses comes in 14 different shades.

Price: 79 AED


SEPHORA ”Upside down mascara”

Sephora came out with a complete different mascara technique called ”Upside Down Mascara”. It basically has 2 wands, and you have too clamp your lashes in between them, sweep the mascara through your lashes and then you should get volume… It sounded so exciting to me and I couldn’t wait to try it! Did it work? NO! I couldn’t really grab my lashes from the roots and when I tried, it smudged all over my eyelid, no bueno! I’ve got super short lashes so this type of mascara technique is a failure in my case.

However judging by it’s consistency I think if you’ve got naturally long lashes it can actually be a great mascara. I tried out the mascara by using just one wand and applied it how I normally would apply mascara, and the result was great. The formula of the mascara was very good; not too clumpy or sticky, light weighted, it lengthens the lashes and creates volume.

Price: 105 AED




10HR fix and correct concealer 26 medium peach BD--69aed
SEPHORA ”Duo Correcteurs”

This Duo Corrector is basically a concealer and color corrector in one. Honestly it didn’t really do it for me. The formula was a bit too dry for my skin, I couldn’t really cover up those tea bags under my eyes with it. However I LOVED using it to highlight my brow bone! It was easy to blend and I loved using the thick texture of the concealer under my brows. It also really corrected the color of my small blemishes (which some expensive correctors can’t) so that was really a plus!

Price: 69 AED



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