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Review + swatches: Marc Jacobs “Highliner Gel Eye Crayons”


Swatching make-up products is one of my favorite thing to do. When I got the full range of these high pencils last week at the Hung Vanngo masterclass, I couldn’t wait to swatch them! Usually I’m not that big on eye pencils but after trying these colors, I’m excited to start using more eye pencils again.

Last year, the brand had released the “Highliner Gel Eye Crayon” which comes in a velvety formula. This year, MJ launched the same range in a matte formula. I wanted to swatch both collections in one post so that you can see the difference. From the matte and shiny packaging, you can differentiate both collections from one and other.


swatches-review-marc-jacobs-highliner-pencil swatches-review-marc-jacobs-highliner-pencil swatches-review-marc-jacobs-highliner-pencil Swatches from left to right:
Marc Jacobs, Highliner Gel Eye Crayon
#Blaqcuer // #In the buff // #Mari(gold) // #Obey-ge // #Orange crush // #Ro(cocoa) // #Brown(out) // #Plume(age) // #Blue me away // #Violet femme // #Th(ink) // #Ody(sea) // #(Wave)length


swatches-review-marc-jacobs-highliner-pencilswatches-review-marc-jacobs-highliner-pencil swatches-review-marc-jacobs-highliner-pencil Swatches from left to right:

Marc Jacobs, Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon
#(Earth)quake // #(Brown)ie // #(Iron)y // #Over(night) // #(Grape)vine // #(Fine)wine // #Out of the blue // #Whirl(pool) // #(Pop)alar // #Deja blue // #Pink of me

During the masterclass, Hung mentioned that he used the pink highliners on Selena Gomez for the MET gala. He also mentioned that for a typical Victoria’s Secret look, he only uses one of these brown pencils, blends it out & that’s it.

The verdict
The eyepencils set quickly, blending time is limited: 15-20 seconds. They’re waterproof however, it can easily be removed with eye make-up removers. In terms of texture, I personally don’t see that much difference. Most of the original highliners contain glitter in them and the matte ones don’t. Individually they’re very pigmented and the color pay off is great. The textures are quite creamy, a bit too creamy sometimes to the point where the tip melts of easily.

Price: $25 each





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