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Review + Swatches: NARS x Christopher Kane

Make-up lovers all over the world have gone mad after the announcement of the collaboration between NARS and fashion designer Christopher Kane. In one of my previous posts I’ve showed you a preview of the beautiful collection. In this post I’m sharing a more detailed review of the collection along with the swatches!..



Launching dates NARS x Christopher Kane collection

Online  /  April 15th 2015  at (full collection, 10 products)
US & UK  / End of April (full collection, 10 products)

Dubai  /  May 2015 at Sephora in The Dubai Mall & Mall of the Emirates  (7 products in total)
Abu Dhabi  /  May 2015 at Sephora in Yas Mall  (7 products in total)
Qatar  /  Mid to end of May at Sephora in Villagio Mall  (7 products in total)
Kuwait  /  No specific date yet  (9 products in total)


IMG_4005NARS x Christopher Kane packaging


IMG_4019    IMG_4018
NARS X Christopher Kane  //  Blush in #Silent Nude & #Starscape

Swatches from top to bottom:  #Silent Nude  /  #Starscape

NARS has announced a new formula of blushes in this collection. The new formula is suppose to be more soft and silky offering a sheer, buildable matte colour. The texture is more soft, thinner and powdery compared to previous NARS blushes.

The Silent Nude blush is described as a soft beige with a matte finish. Finally a nude blush that doesn’t have an orange or pink undertone! This shade didn’t do much for me since my medium skin tone is very similar to the colour of the blush. However, if you have a fair complexion I think this blush can be used for a beautiful contour since it doesn’t have an orange undertone.

The Starscape blush is described as a light magenta neon-pink colour. When I first saw the blush I immediately assumed that it’s brighter and more neon than NARS Desire up until I tried it. Because of the new formula, the Starscape shade is less brighter and less neon than Desire. It’s still a very pretty blush and I can definitely see myself wearing this, also the colour is builadble as described. Personally, I would use Starscape for my clients with a fair complexion because of the softer colour. And I would use Desire for the medium to dark complexions since the colour is quite strong. The shade is very similar, just a bit less neon and more rosy than Desire.

*Price (each):  165 AED  /  $30


NARS x Christopher Kane neoneutral lip glosses



Swatches from left to right: #Nucleus  /  #Nebulous  /  #Mezmer  /  #Glow Pink


IMG_4192 IMG_4176
#Nucleus                                                          #Nebulous

IMG_4197 IMG_4165
#Mezmer                                                          #Glow Pink

My lips are naturally quite pigmented so I wasn’t expecting the effect of the three colourful glosses to be noticeable since they’re usually sheer. Little did I know that they aren’t as sheer as I was expecting. The colours are build able to a medium coverage and the longer you wear it, the brighter the colour gets. They also dry up into a matte pigmented lip stain after a few hours. I find the texture of these glosses thinner compared to previous NARS lip glosses which I think makes sense. It makes it more wearable for Summer, the application is also very smooth and even.

The nude lipgloss reminds me a lot of the NARS Turkish Delight lipgloss. The shade is very similar except this one is a bit more milky and rosy, it’s also prettier in real life than in pictures. The lipgloss lasted a good 3 hours on me.

*Price each:  130 AED  /  $26


NARS X Christopher Kane  //  Eyeshadow in #Outer Limits


I was mostly excited about getting my hands on this eyeshadow when I saw the collection! It’s a very soft orange colour and it contains A LOT of gold and pink shimmers! The shade is described as an “iridescent rose gold”. It’s not as metallic as I expected, instead it’s ultra sparkly and because of the amount of shimmers in it, it even looks a bit glossy on the lids.

The eyeshadow can have a bit of fall out if it’s being applied dry however, it doesn’t have much fall out if a little fix spray is being applied on the brush and then dipped into the eyeshadow. Also, the orange shade left a bit of a stain on my skin after a few hours. This is one of those eyeshadows that can be worn alone with just a little bit of mascara and a colourful lipgloss. It makes the perfect fresh make-up look for Summer.

*Price:  129 AED  /  $25


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