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Tom Ford Concealing Pen; Is it worth trying, or not?

So far I’ve never tried a Tom Ford product that I didn’t like. I think every woman has at
least one or two favourite products from the brand and It’s definitely one of my favourite
prestige beauty brand. This time I tried out the ”Concealing Pen” for the first time and I
wanted to share my thoughts on it.




The concealer is definitely build able. I didn’t think it gave me enough coverage with one
layer so I waited for the first layer to dry. After it dried up, I added another layer on top
and then it gave me a full coverage. I’m so used to blending concealer using my
fingertips or a Beauty Blender, but I actually like the tip of the Concealing Pen too.
It blends easily and it reaches the small inner corners too. I didn’t set in the concealer
with a powder, I just wore it on it’s own to see how much it would crease. Surprisingly
with my oily skin it didn’t crease as much as I was expecting. It also didn’t become
darker throughout the day, it remained the same bright shade.

The shade I’m using is in #Medium and I think it’s the perfect shade for my complexion!
I definitely think that this concealer is worth trying. It offers a medium to full coverage
(by building up). It blends smoothly and it’s easy to work with. If you have really dark
brown circles, always use an orange corrector before using any type of concealer. If your
dark circles aren’t extremely dark than you can perfectly wear this Tom Ford concealer
on it’s own.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 3.23.01 PM
The Tom Ford Concealing Pen is available in 6 different shades

Price: $52 (each)




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