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Review: Volumifique Hair Treatment at Jet Set Dubai

Last week I got a ”Volumifique Hair Treatment” by award winning Jet Set Salon located in Emirates Towers. I would describe the treatment as a mild version of the Hair Botox Treatment. It basically nourishes the scalp, makes the hair softer, shiny and smoother. The only difference is that this treatment adds a crazy amount of volume to the hair! 




This is the product that’s being used for the treatment. The product contains
Macadamia Oil.


IMG_3536  IMG_3545

First, my hair got washed. Then the Macadamia oil treatment got applied. After
applying the Macadamia treatment, my hair got steamed for about 20 minutes. This
part of the treatment was done by: Amie




….Then my hair got rinsed and blow-dried for about 40 minutes. Antoun Saade blow-
dried my hair and I loved it! He worked very fast (considering my long & thick hair).



Tadaa! The result!

I did the treatment about a week ago and so far I’ve washed my hair three times. My
hair is still soft, less frizzy and much easier to brush. You can clearly see in the after
picture that my hair is shining, it looks smooth and my split ends disappeared!

As far as the volume; at the moment I’m suffering a bit from hair fall because I stopped
taking in my hair vitamins since they’re out of stock in the whole UAE (yeah, lucky me!).
I wasn’t expecting to get any volume or thicker hair from this treatment because of the
hair fall. I’m not exaggerating but the amount of volume my hair got from the treatment
was incredible! I noticed the amount of volume I got after washing my hair, when I was
back to curly hair. My hair became HUGE! If you’re wondering if it had any effect to my
hair fall, it didn’t. Although I’m super happy with the volume!


photo 2 photo 1

The after results with make-up on, super shiny hair!

I definitely recommend this treatment for a quick nourishing boost for the hair. If you’ve
got curly/frizzy hair like I do then it’s a good idea to do the treatment before blow
drying the hair.

Volumifique Hair Treatment by Jet Set Salon

Emirates Towers, Dubai , 71579 
Tel: 0097143300886



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