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Seven ways to use a Cellular fix spray

I think it’s been no secret that I love Institut Esthederm products. Their products are very effective and very straight forward. Every time I try a new product from the brand, I can see a difference in my skin either immediately or within 10 days which is super fast and just proves how effective it is. I’ve been using their products for a couple of years now and recently I got to sit down with Aurelia Duchatelle who is their international skin care expert. She analyzed my skin and she gave me so many helpful tips and tricks that I had to share with you guys. One of the products she talked about was the “Cellular Water Spray” and she shared some tips on how to use the spray in several different ways.

Nourish dry mascara: it also performs as a treatment for your lashes

Hydrate skin while traveling: use it on the plane to refresh your skin and to prevent dehydration

Spray after work out: this will energize the skin and reload necessary minerals

Fix your makeup: it works great as a fix spray on too of your make-up

Boost blood circulation: store it in the refrigerator and use it while cold

Substitute for a water filter: use after washing your face, this will clear all the bad toxics from unfiltered water

Spray it in your moisturizer: to add more “healthy” and essential waters into your skincare routine

Who knew that a water spray could be used in so many different ways?


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