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The COOLEST make-up collaboration: Smashbox X Santigold

Smashbox has teamed up with artist Sandigold to create a collection for Summer 2014. I was happy to hear about this collaboration because Santigold has such a cool sense of style and she’s so talented! Santigold created this vivid an playful colour range, influenced by her strong creative sense. The collection features Santigold’s collage art which makes it extra unique!


Miss Santigold herself

“Santi really brought her electric sense of style to this collaboration. I love creating
unique looks with the bright shades she dreamed up!”

– Lori Taylor Davis (Smashbox Global Pro Lead Artist)


Retouching by David A Rogers. 727 366 8426

“I’ve always loved Santi’s music, and she brought that same vibe and energy to this

– Davis Factor (Smashbox Founder & Celebrity Photographer)


The collection includes:

Eyeshadow Collage in

Age Double-Ended Limitless Eye Liner in
– #AZURITE IS NEVER WRONG/EL DORADO  (bright blue/soft gold)
– #YELLOW DWARF/GREEN MARTIAN  (bright yellow/mint green)

Be Legendary Lipgloss in
– #ALL GOLD E’RYTHING  (Sheer Copper Sparkle)
– #HOT LAVA  (Orange Red)

Be Legendary Lipstick Ring in

Nail Polish Art Strips in


IMG_5565 IMG_5566

SMASHBOX ”Eyeshadow Collage” in #APOCALYPSE NOW

Shades (from left to right): Sparkling Pewter  |  Shimmery Teal  |   Bright Golden Orange  |
Shimmery Oyster  |  
Matte Black


Each eyeshadow palette includes 5 shades and can be used wet and dry. I’ve applied the
swatches in the images dry by using my fingertips only. The eyeshadow colours are
extremely vibrant and the texture feels soft which makes it easy to blend.

Price: 170 AED 




SMASHBOX ”Be Legendary Lipgloss” in #ALL GOLD E’RYTHING

The ‘‘All Gold E’rything”  shade is a sheer copper lipgloss that contains tiny gold
shimmers. The lipgloss can look different on everyone depending how pigmented the
lips are. My lips are medium pigmented so I find it a bit too sheer to wear the gloss
alone. Therefore I usually wear the lipgloss on top of a light shade lipstick and it gives
my lips a beautiful gold shine!

Price: 120 AED 


SMASHBOX ”Nail Polish Art Strips” in #SERPENT CHARMER (gold & black)  &
#EYE OF THE BEHOLDER (black & silver)



SMASHBOX ”Nail Polish Art Strips” in #SERPENT CHARMER

The Nail Polish Art Strips are very easy to apply. Simply place the strip on the nails,
remove the clear film and press on the nail strip to make sure they stick to the nails. It
literally feels like wearing a nail polish on the nails! It lasted on my nails for about one
week before it slowly started peeling off. It’s heat and waterproof. They’re such a
lifesaver and not to mention the cool, fun prints on it!

Price: 125 AED


I’m loving this collaboration between Smashbox and Santigold because she’s SO COOL!
I hope to see more collaborations with her in the future!

The limited-edition collection Smashbox X Santigold is exclusively available at Sephora in the
Dubai Mall as per August 2014.


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