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Summer nails with Dior

We didn’t even have a proper Winter and Summer is already around the corner (unfortunately). The weather lately has me obsessing over pastel nail colours! I’ve recently tried out these new nail colours by Dior, I think every beauty addict owns at least one or two bottles of Dior nail lacquers. The formula is easy to work with and Dior’s nail lacquers are famous for their perfectly rounded brushes that allows a very neat application also, the colours are always on trend.

Some of these shades are from Dior’s new Summer Look collection which will be launched in May 2015.



The shades: #319 Sunwashed, #239 Sunkissed, #464 Sundown and the Top Coat Tie Dye are a part of Dior’s new Summer Look collection.



#319 Sunwashed  //  (Summer Look collection, limited edition)


#239 Sunkissed  //  (Summer Look collection, limited edition)

The first two shades are a beautiful milky/pastel colours. The milky yellow shade offers a full coverage in two easy coats while the baby pink shade is very pigmented and requires a single coat only.  The consistency of these nail lacquers are on point! They’re not too thick nor too thin.


#599 Pink

If you look closely, you’ll see that the colour contains very tiny shimmers. I only noticed that when I looked at the picture. I didn’t notice it at all when I was wearing it on my nails.


#464 Sundown  //  (Summer Look collection, limited edition)

This is one of those colourful shades that’s easy to wear and suits a lot of different complexions. I can already see myself wearing this colour on beach days.


#899 Corail

This shade definitely requires a tan, glowy skin and similar lipstick colour! I find these nail colourful shades in particular very glossy (even without a top coat). They last very long before it starts chipping off, about 4/5 days. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts before, I work a lot with my hands and I wash them about a 100 times a day (yes, OCD too!). Nail colours usually don’t last that long on my nails, so four days is quite a long time compared to a lot of other nail lacquers.


Top Coat Tie Dye  //  (Summer Look collection, limited edition)

Dior always launches interesting top coats… This time they’ve created this grenadine coloured top coat that adds tie-dye shading to the nails. By wearing it on it’s own, the Top Coat Tie Dye heightens the natural pink of the nails with an ultra-shiny, translucent colour. By layering it up it creates a more intense effect.


If I were had to compare the quality of these nail lacquers, I would compare them to Louboutin. The quality is very similar just half the price 😉

*Launches in May 2015 at Dior counters. The price for each Dior nail lacquer is $27/$28



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