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Summer proof make-up look with MAKE UP FOR EVER

MAKE UP FOR EVER has recently launched a summer collection for their ‘Aqua’ range. The shades are very
colorful, shimmery and super pigmented. These products are perfect to use if you’re having a pool/beach day.
They’re also great to use if you’re on vacation in a country that has high humidity. You don’t have to worry about
your make-up smudging or melting because it won’t go anywhere!

The ‘Aqua’ range is inspired by Synchronical swimmers. MAKE UP FOR EVER is also the official sponsor of
Synchronical swimmers.

The ‘Aqua’ range by MAKE UP FOR EVER is very close to my heart. Synchronical swimmers always use
waterproof make-up since they’re dancing in the water. I used to be a Synchronical swimmer for almost 10
years and I remember we always had to use very heavy and waterproof make-up. We also used to put gelatin
in our hair so that it stays in place when your in the water. The ‘Aqua’ range basically reminds me of the
”good old days”.


The ‘Aqua Cream’ can be used for anything! You can use it on the eyes, lips and cheeks. The
colors are super pigmented so you really need just a small amount when applying it (of course it
depends on how much make-up you want to wear).

You have to work really fast when applying the ‘Aqua Cream’ since it dries very quickly.


Personally, I’m a very big fan of the ‘Aqua Rouge’ lipsticks. It NEVER smudges or bleeds. It’s super
long-lasting. You can eat, drink, kiss, swim, tan and it stays in place. The lip pencils are in the
same shade as the ‘Aqua Rouge’ so you can line your lips easily.


IMG_4690   IMG_4689

…. And this is the final look I created with the Aqua make-up products by MAKE UP FOR EVER.



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