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Summer ready with these new sunscreen products


As you’ve seen through my social media, I was in Amsterdam (again) but this time with Rituals. I’ve been a big fan of their products since the day they had launched in the Netherlands (around the year 2000). When I got invited to visit Amsterdam, which is where the brand was born, I was super excited! I got to learn a lot about their products and collections. Their sunscreen range “Ritual of Karma” was a collection that I wasn’t very familiar with yet.

I got to explore the collection and try out the products during lunch held at the Rituals headquarters. I tried to take as many photos during lunch as I could because I loved the entire table set-up and everything was so well color coordinated with the actual products.



So far, I’ve tried the entire range and I’m in love! The tanning oil in the picture above is so good! The sun protection spray and face cream are great too. The “Ritual of Karma” collection features a body scrub and shower foam with a similar scent as the sun protection. You’ll be able to find the collection through the Rituals website or at their store in Mall of the Emirates.





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