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Swatches: Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color


New lipstick launches are always exciting to me. There’s nothing I love to do more than swatching and playing around with new lipsticks. I’m very excited about this launch in particular; Luxe Lip Color by Bobbi Brown. It has a brand new formula with 30 shades! I love it when brands create a wide range of colours, there’s truly a perfect shade for everyone. Other than the shades, I like the packaging as well. They’re light-weighted, practical and luxurious at the same time.

Naturally, Kate Upton is the face of the new lipstick launch and originally they were launched for Fall 2015. But, we finally have them here in the UAE as well! 🙂


IMG_4526 IMG_4489 IMG_4487

The collection comes in 30 different shades varying from; nude, bolds to bright hues.



#1 Pink Nude  |  #2 Pink Sand  |  #23 Atomic Orange  |  #11 Raspberry Pink  |
#25 Russian Doll

IMG_3136  IMG_3133 IMG_3134 IMG_3131  IMG_3132

The texture is creamy, light-to-medium in weight but comfortable to wear. The lipsticks have a shiny velvety finish and they feel quite nourishing and hydrating from the first stroke. Great thing is that they remain moisturising through out the day.

The bright and bold lipstick shades offer a full coverage from the first swipe. The application is very smooth and they’re richly pigmented. Since the lipsticks dry into a pigmented stain, the colours lasted around 5 hours on me which is pretty decent. The two nude shades don’t leave a stain behind and lasted around 3 hours.

The first nude lipstick (#1 Pink Nude) is my least favourite shade, simply because it doesn’t suit my skin tone and its way too light for me. On the other hand however, I think it can be a beautiful nude lipstick with a pink undertone for fairer skin complexions.

The #25 Russian Doll is a very unusual burgundy (hence why I like it), it has a dark-brown undertone in it. In certain lightings it looks brown and in others it looks burgundy. After I swatched it and wore it on my lips, it reminded me a lot of the brown lipstick from Kylie’s lip kit collection. Its richly pigmented and leaves a long-lasting red/burgundy stain behind.

To me, orange lipsticks just scream sun, beach and Island life. Its a colour that gives me that tropical vibe. For my complexion, I sometimes find it difficult to find the perfect orange lipstick that suits me. Usually they’re a bit too cool toned so its hard to find the right shade that fits my warm toned complexion. The #23 Atomic Orange on the other hand, does suit my complexion since its not too cool toned and I can’t wait to wear it on my next beach vacation!

Other than the #1 Pink Nude, I really like the rest of the shades.

*Price: $35  |  198 AED

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