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Serious musthave for Summer! O.P.I Neon Nail Colours

photo 1


The O.P.I Neon Nail Colours contains 6 vivid shades that will be available in full-size
bottles and in a cute mini set. These six shades are the first full-size neons that O.P.I has
ever released The NEON Nail Colours look amazing paired with nudes! Neons by O.P.I
will also be available in Gel Color, which is a professional salon service that offers a
high-shine, 100% gel finish that lasts for weeks with a 30 second LED cure.




The NEON Nail Colours are suggested to use with the ”Put a Coat On!”  which is a base
coat that creates an instant colour boost! The base coat is being sold separately for 49
AED. Put A Coat On AED 49In the images below I haven’t applied the ‘Put a Coat On!” base coat.


All swatches have 3 coats of O.P.I’s Neon Colours.

Price: 49 AED each




#JUICE BAR HOPPING / This Tangerine scream makes me jump for joy!



#LIFE GAVE ME LEMONS / This citrusy lemon-lime hits the spot every time!



#YOU ARE SO OUTTA LIME! / Here comes trouble and she’s wearing this outspoken lime green!



#PUSH & PUR-PULL / This forceful purple has got me coming and going!



#HOTTER THAN YOU PINK / Just when you thin pink can’t get any hotter, there’s this!



#DOWN TO THE CORE-AL / The beauty of this brilliant coral goes beyond skin deep.




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