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Review: Christian Louboutin nail lacquers! Is it worth the hype?


The Christian Louboutin nail lacquers are finally here! It took me a while to test them all
out but I must say, I’m very impressed! Along with the signature colour ”Rouge Louboutin”
(which is the exact same red colour as the bottom soles of the shoes) the brand has
released 30 additional colours inspired by specific Louboutin shoes and accessories. The
massive cap is inspired by the famous Ballerina Heel shoe created by Louboutin, which
is 8 inches tall!

Below you will find all the nail swatches from the entire collection.




The Christian Louboutin Nail Laqcuers are long-wearing, chip resistant formula its
highly pigmented with luxe, glossy color and UV protection to keep the color true. Two
coats give the effect of 20 layers of traditional lacquer, with a brilliant shine. The shorter
bristles of the brush pick up the right amount of product, preventing air bubbles and
ensuring flawless coverage.


I was really impressed by the quality of the nail laqcuers! The nail colour lasted about 4
days with base and top coat before it started peeling off. Just like the brand claims, the
pigmentation was really intense however some nude shades needed 3 coats while the
darker shades only acquired a single or double coat. It dries down way faster than the
average nail polish, it’s easy to apply and it didn’t streak or bubble at all.


The nail lacquers are very pricey, I believe it’s one of the few most expensive nail lacquer
ever. But to be honest, you do get something back for it. The packaging looks very
unique and luxurious, it looks like a work of art on a make-up table. The quality of the
nail colours are great! And I think it’s the ultimate guilty pleasure for a woman to have.

Price: 260 AED  |  $50 each


Christian Louboutin Nail Colour is available in  Christian Louboutin boutiques
(including Level Shoe District) across the Middle East. 



IMG_7882  IMG_7959




”The Noirs”



IMG_7903  IMG_7907
#DAFFODILE                                                        #FARIDA


IMG_7911  IMG_7915
#KHEOPS                                                               #SEVILLANA


IMG_7918  IMG_7926
#VERY PRIVE                                                       #LADY PAGE


IMG_7937  IMG_7945
#BIANCA                                                                #LADY TWIST





”The Pops”



IMG_7973  IMG_7980
#ESCATIN                                                              #POPI

IMG_7982  IMG_7989
#MISS LOUBI                                                        #BENGALI

IMG_7993  IMG_7998
#PLUMINETTE                                                    #NI TOI NI MOIS

IMG_7999  IMG_8006
#LOVA                                                                    #WHEREVER




”The Nudes”


IMG_8010  IMG_8015
#SWEET CHARITY                                             #JUST NOTHING

IMG_8017  IMG_8023
#SIMPLE NUDE                                                   #ME NUDE

IMG_8027  IMG_8037
#ZOULOU                                                              #ALTA PERLA

IMG_8039  IMG_8048
#TUTULLE                                                            #MADAME EST NUE

IMG_8053  IMG_8060
#LA FAVORITA                                                    #TRES DECOLLETE



Which one is your favourite shade? 🙂




  1. Terri Lynn says

    I would love to own Ni Toi Ni Moi & Farida. They’re so gorgeous.

  2. O my God the Nude ones are sooooo beautiful! My favourite one is the Madame Est Nue….but they are really expensive 🙁

  3. Namita V Suri says

    Loved the POPS – especially Escatin and the Nudes too…wow….wanna try my hands on all of them…loved the texture

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