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Look of the day: Grey smokey eyes

Happy Friday loves! I hope everyone is going to have a great weekend. For this week’s MOTD (make-up of the day), I wanted to share something different. As you know, I’m a big fan of neutral colors but I never really use grey tones so I decided to use that for this look. It was really easy creating this look, I only used 3 different eyeshadows; a light grey color, a darker transition color and a shimmery shadow on the lids. Below you’ll find all the product details I used to create this look.

Look of the day: 90’s vibes + braids

I’ve been wanting to get box braids for such a long time but I kept postponing it because I knew it would take much time to get them done. Last week I decided it to just go for it and finally get them done, also since Sole DXB would be a good occasion for it. For those who aren’t familiar with Sole DXB, it’s a big urban event happening once a year in Dubai. They bring in international rappers, DJ’s, b-boyers, artists etc. You can also buy limited edition sneakers or swap your sneakers with other people. I thought It would be the perfect occasion to completely change my everyday look and go for 90’s inspired look from head to toe. I will link all the outfits that I’m wearing below, unless the items aren’t available anymore.