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Warm hair color ideas for Fall/Autumn

  In my personal opinion, I think that every season should be an opportunity to try something new whether it’s a new hair style, color or cut. In this post I’m sharing a few beautiful hair color ideas for Autumn, mainly warm brown tones. As much as I love being a blonde, these photos make me miss having dark hair!

Traveling to turkey with turkish airlines

Amazing first day in Turkey with Turkish Airlines

During my first day in Turkey I’ve been blown away! I was invited by Turkish Airlines to visit Turkey and explore some of the most beautiful places here. Ryadh has also joined me on this trip which makes it even more exciting! It’s not my first time in Turkey however, it is my first time in the Province Muğla. Words can’t even describe how incredibly beautiful this part of Turkey is, I’m blown away! I took SO many pictures during this trip, more than any other trip I’ve ever been to. There was just so much beauty everywhere and I felt like I had to capture it all.

Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 beauty trends

It always seizes to amaze me how much time flies. Just yesterday we stepped into 2017 and I’m already looking at the beauty trends of 2018, two thousand eighteen people!! It even sounds bizarre saying it out loud. Anyway, I’ve gathered together a few beauty looks for you that really stood out to me during the last fashion week. Once you’ll scroll through the images you’ll notice some major throwback looks that are going to be trendy again. My personal favorite trends are the dramatic bottom lashes and the peachy cheeks, beautiful!

Pretty pastel nail colors for spring

Whenever I think of spring colors,  I always think of pastel colors for some reason. I also usually tend to go for pastel nail colors during spring even though I’m not even a pastel kinda girl. I recently did some spring cleaning and I gathered all my pastel nail colors and kept those that I still love to wear. Below you’ll find all my favorite pastel nail colors that I usually wearing during spring.

Five perfect perfumes for the sophisticated woman

Just like we dress, listen to music or wear a certain make-up look according to our mood, most people also wear a perfume depending on their mood. The perfumes that I usually wear during winter are much stronger than the ones I wear in summer. As a perfume junkie I’m very picky and specific when it comes to choosing a fragrance. Whenever I want to go for a timeless fragrance that’s feminine that’s not too sweet nor too spicy, I usually choose a perfume that I think my mother would wear.  I personally don’t like most of the perfumes in the market that are considered “classics” so I’ve created my own selection of classics that I’m currently using. I usually wear these perfumes whenever I’m in a mature, sophisticated mood and when I want to impress someone (business wise) 😉

Travel video: Maldives

I’ve been a bit MIA these past two weeks because I’ve been battling the worst flu! Here’s a short video of my trip to the Maldives, hope this will make up for my absence! Check out #NajlaTravels on Instagram to see all my travel posts, I can’t wait to create more travel content for you guys 🙂

An Italian fairytale with Bottega Verde

Last month I traveled to the sunny Italy with Bottega Verde to get to the core and birth place of the brand which is in Tuscany. I’ve been to Italy serval times before but it was my first time in Tuscany. It really looks like a postcard picture in real life, its SO beautiful! I visited the Palazzo Massaini which is owned by Bottega Verde. All of the brand’s commercials and campaigns have shot at the palace so it was interesting to see it in real life. The castle was built in the 15th century and its purpose was to be a castle of peace but now it’s known as the castle of beauty.

Minimalistic nail art to-die-for!

Lately I’m really into simple and minimalistic nail art. Rose gold nail polish seems to be really taking over Pinterest. I love the super simple rose gold stripes over a transparent base coat combined with double stacked fine rings. Marble nail art is also getting popular by the day as well as thin, white stripes. I’ve explored some new inspiration on one of my favorite platforms: Pinterest and I wanted to show you the most popular designs that are to-die-for!

Photo Diary: Amsterdam

I know I’ve been a bit MIA on my blog lately. Continuously traveling and being consistent on my blog at the same time isn’t an easy task. Not to mention, whenever I’m back in town it gets super busy with my work as a make-up artist so unfortunately I’ve been neglecting the blog a little but… I’m back!