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Review: Modern Muse Le Rouge

If you’ve already loved the intense Modern Muse Chic version, you’re going to love the Le Rouge version even more! The difference between the Le Rouge version and the first two Modern Muse fragrances is that it’s much more softer, feminine, milkier, sweet yet fresh at the same time. This is one of the few fragrances that really speaks to me with every single accord. If I would create my own fragrance, it would smell exactly like this one!

VIDEO: Updated Skincare Routine

As a beauty blogger, I’m always testing out new skincare products so my skincare routine constantly changes. That’s why I’ve decided to do a video of my current skincare routine and what I do to keep my skin healthy at all times. I recently started using products from the French brand: Institut Esthederm and I’m very impressed by the effectiveness. I’m also still using the Clarisonic, just not as often only once or twice a week. I hope you enjoy watching the video and hopefully it’ll be helpful to you 🙂

Review: Estee Lauder ”Pure Color Envy Lipsticks”

Estee Lauder releases the ”Pure Color Envy Lipsticks” with a revolutionary new formula which allows the lipsticks to last for about 6 hours without touching up. Along with other bloggers I had the opportunity to meet Estee Lauder’s global director of make-up artistry Blair Patterson. Blair gave us a presentation about the new lipsticks and he briefed us about what makes these lipsticks so special.