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A guide to supplements and how it helps with your beauty regime

Wishing for a pill to magically turn your skin, hair and nails into picture perfect is every woman’s dream. Even though that doesn’t exist, there are certainly supplements that can help to boost our beauty routine. Taking supplements regularly is basically a short cut to healthier skin, hair & nails. Beauty supplements generally don’t look any different than your vitamins. However, they also come in powder formulas, oils and liquids depending on the specific supplement you choose. Think of them as a type of supplement that has the added benefits of improving your skin, hair or nails thanks to a specific dosage of nutrients and minerals.


Four beautifying smoothie recipes

A few months ago, I attended the launch event of Murad skincare here in dubai. During that event, I learned a lot about the importance of taking care of your skin from within. I also received a few beautifying smoothie recipes that you can easily make at home and will help to nourish your skin. I tried some of the recipes and they’re so delicious, they’re also all vegan.

The BEST Vegan cafe’s in Bali

Living a plant based lifestyle in the UAE can be very challenging. Eating out has stopped being an option for me because its not as enjoyable anymore (since the only option I have is eating sides or a salad). Before I traveled to Bali, I heard so many positive things about the vegan & vegetarian spots there. I ate my way throughout the entire trip! The type of vegan food you’ll find there is unheard of here. From burgers, hot dogs to kebabs and so many desserts.

What cutting out on dairy has done to my skin and body

I first read about Khloe Kardashian losing weight by cutting out on anything that contains dairy. I mean, can we all agree at how amazing she looks lately so whatever she’s doing; I have to get on it too! Sure, she probably has a chef that cooks her healthy meals and has a personal trainer but if this has also helped her to lose a few pounds I thought it was worth the try so I gave it a go. A part from that, I always read articles about how dairy is really bad for your body & skin and how it shouldn’t even be consumed by human beings. This time, I did a little more research and I found out that it clogs your pores, causes pimples on your chin & jaw line, it contains lots of hormones which can cause men to get men breasts. Apparently human beings aren’t suppose to consume dairy after the first year of being born because your body stops digesting it that’s why a lot of people are …