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Everything you should know before bleaching your hair

As you guys may have followed the process through my blog & social media, I changed my hair color from pitch black to white blonde. It took me a good year to really get that full head of white blonde since I had to keep getting highlights done every three months or so. I still get nervous every time I have to get my roots done because of how damaging bleaching is to the hair. It took me a while to understand how to take care of my hair, before, during and after bleaching it. If you have curly or coarse hair, your hair is naturally very dry which means you have to be extra careful with hair coloring, especially with bleaching. Over the past year, I’ve lost quite a big amount of hair due to breakage, simply because I was doing everything wrong during the entire bleaching process. I guess I’ve learned it the hard way because I wasn’t informed good enough nor have I done enough research on how to look after your hair after bleaching. Therefore, I want …

SUPER Glossy Make-up Tutorial!

It took me forever to post this tutorial! I recorded it about 4 months ago but I never got the chance to edit it because I’ve been very busy with work for the past few months. Working as a make-up artist can be super hectic! I really, really wish I could post more tutorials because it’s the most requested and I really enjoy doing it but it takes ALOT of time which I don’t always have.

My current skincare routine!

A beautiful make-up look starts with good skincare, so taking care of your skin is SUPER important!. I visit the dermatologist every month (no joke!) because I’ve got a very problematic skin. Not because I don’t take care of my skin, but because it’s in my genes. I always have a rash, pimple or scar that needs to be treated. If it’s not on my face, it’s something on my body. Joelle Mardinian (beauty queen of the middle east) told me something when I interviewed her (which will be on my blog soon) She said: ”I always get questions from women on how to cover up blemishes and hide scars & pimples etc. I always tell them that you shouldn’t look for something to hide them, but you should treat it so that they disappear!” I couldn’t agree more with her! The products I will be talking about below (except for the baking soda), have all been recommend to me by my dermatologist.

Bobbi Brown’s SMOKING HOT Eyes! Swatches + Review

Personally I think that Bobbi Brown products are great to use on a regular basis. I think that the brand is really good to use for women that aren’t skilled when it comes to make-up application because the products are so easy to work with. Also, I find all their products very straight to the point. It’s very clear what a product is for and what it offers. This time I tried a few products from Bobbi Brown’s ‘Smokey Eye Collection’!