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Tumblr Thursday: Winter Aesthetics

My inspiration for this month is a bit all over the place. There are many different colors, moods and aesthetics in this post. Lately I’ve been slightly obsessed with Korean beauty & fashion and you’ll see it a lot in this post. I always had a weakness for gold chains and layering necklaces. There’s also a variety of different make-up looks, from artistic eye make-up, korean beauty to everyday wearable looks.


Tumblr Thursday: Autumn mood board

I’m so stoked for Fall this year, I think Autumn is such a cozy time (even more so than winter). I’ve created a mood board with everything that inspires me when it comes to colors, make-up trends, fashion outfits etc. I’m really into mustard yellow and brown tones for the Fall season. I can’t wait to wear brown lipsticks and warm eyeshadow colors! Even though it might take a while to be able to wear winter clothes in Dubai, I’m already looking at the new fashion trends for coats and knitwear.


Tumblr Thursday: Sweetest Summer Ting

I am dreaming of a European summer… Either in south of Italy or along the French rivera but I’m trying to avoid the high season. This is probably what I would dress like if I were to spend the summer in Europe. Espadrilles, a basket bag & anything white made out of cotton.  I’m currently loving this very minimalistic style, it’s laid back yet feminine & chic.

Tumblr Thursday: Summer feelings

It’s officially Summer which means that it’s going to be SUPER hot in the UAE. It has its good and bad sides, the good side is that it’s beach season again and the downside of it is that it can get really hot which is unbearable here. I’m currently planning my summer vacation and I got a bit inspired on Tumblr by all the beachy and summer posts so I’m sharing some of my favorite photos here. Like always, you’ll find these images individually on my Tumblr page!

SS17 Beauty Trends

I love stepping into a new season because it means: new beauty launches + new beauty trends. Most of the make-up trends this spring I had already seen coming but there are still a few trends that are unique and I wasn’t expecting. What better way to stay up to date with the latest beauty (& fashion) trends other than watching runway shows? Each designer of course has their own style and creates their own trends but these are the most popular beauty trends you’ll see next season.

Tumblr Thursday: 70’s feels

I feel like the 70’s fashion & beauty trends are slowly coming back again. I noticed this the most when I was in London last summer. Disco glam, bohemian chic, hippie style, clumpy lashes, oversized colored glasses, vintage denim, messy beach waves and velvet textures are all becoming super popular again. I was really drawn to these images when I scrolled through my Tumblr feed, they give me major summer wanderlust.

New trend alert: Holographic everything!

I hope you guys liked my last “Tumblr Thursday” post, can’t wait to share my next post with you this Thursday. On another note, I’ve decided to also do regular posts on new trends and what’s popular at the moment – mainly beauty related. A trend that’s becoming really popular is the holographic texture: whether its on the nails, hair, clothes etc. Below you’ll find some of my favorite images, you can find each image in this post on my Tumblr page I’m very active on there as well so make sure to follow me 🙂

Tumblr Thursday: Peachy

Happy Thursday! Today it’s martyrs day in the UAE and tomorrow it’s national day, which means; extra long weekend, yay! How are you guys spending the day off today? I have no plans so far, I might go to the beach, hopefully it won’t be too crowded. Today I’m sharing my very first Tumblr Thursday post!  I get most of my inspiration from many different social media platforms but Tumblr is definitly my favorite place to look for new inspiration. I love sharing the newest trends & inspiration with you guys so I’ve decided to do a weekly “Tumblr Thursday” post where I share everything that I find inspiring. You’ll find all the individual pictures (& more) on my Tumblr page.

Ear piercings inspiration

The other day I posted a few pictures on my Snapchat with some ear piercing inspirations and to my surprise they got an overwhelming amount of screenshots. So, I wanted to do a dedicated blogpost about this topic and share some inspiration of ear piercing styles that I’m currently drooling over. I don’t have many piercings in my ears, I’ve got 3 holes on each side but I would love to get it more pierced – I’m just really terrified of the pain.