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It’s finally here! Louboutin Lipsticks

The long awaited Louboutin lipsticks have finally launched globally and recently in Dubai as well, starting from September 13th. This makes it Christian Louboutin’s 2nd beauty launch after the launch of the nail lacquers last year. Obviously the first shade comes in the iconic ”Rouge Louboutin” which is also the exact same shade as the red Louboutin soles.

Review: Estee Lauder ”Pure Color Envy Lipsticks”

Estee Lauder releases the ”Pure Color Envy Lipsticks” with a revolutionary new formula which allows the lipsticks to last for about 6 hours without touching up. Along with other bloggers I had the opportunity to meet Estee Lauder’s global director of make-up artistry Blair Patterson. Blair gave us a presentation about the new lipsticks and he briefed us about what makes these lipsticks so special.

Get the look with Dolce & Gabbana Makeup + Review

I noticed that every time I go out with my husband I keep wearing the same make-up look over and over again. So I decided it’s time for a little change! I wanted to define my features and wear something classy and romantic but a bit natural at the same time. By using Dolce & Gabbana make-up products I created the perfect evening look! The combination of the colors create a Classic look and it made me feel a little bit Mediterranean/ Italian LOL! I think this is a gorgeous look to wear if you’re having a romantic date or if you have a fancy dinner.