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MAC Viva Glam X Ariana Grande for Spring 2016

I’m a huge fan of MAC’s Viva Glam collaborations. The combination of a lipstick + glittery gloss always creates the ultimate lip party. With the latest Viva Glam edition, MAC Cosmetics has teamed up with Ariana Grande for Spring 2016. I was really surprised to see the brand has decided to go for such a bold colour with their Ariana Grande collab. I’ve never really seen her with a lip colour this bold before, so I was curious to find out more about the formula and pigmentation.

Talking make-up with Beyonce’s make-up artist: Francesca Tolot

I’ve been so privileged to attend Francesca Tolot’s for the second time! Last year was in Milan and this year it was in our very own Dubai. I’m such a big fan of her work and I felt so honoured to interview her as well for the 2nd time. In my last interview with Francesca, we’ve talked more about her career and the celebrities she’s been working with – this time we’ve talked about make-up only! She shares her favourite tips, tricks and trends. You’ve probably seen her work on Beyonce in her music videos from the past 12 years, on Charlize Theron, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and the list goes on and on…. Read my interview with Francesca from last year, here!  To see the beauty looks from her masterclass in Dubai, click here!

VIDEO: How I keep my hair healthy after bleaching it

As you may know, bleaching your hair is extremely harmful and drying to your hair. As someone who’s got dry hair to begin with, it was challenging to keep my hair healthy, shiny and moisturised through out the bleaching process. In this video I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks on how I kept my hair happy and healthy! If you thought the video was helpful, please make sure to give it a thumbs up.

Q&A with Laura Mercier

I always enjoy interviewing iconic make-up artists or founders of beauty brands. Each and every person that I’ve interviewed in the past has a different approach to beauty and to the business side of it. Two weeks ago I was invited to London to meet with the one & only: Laura Mercier. I think every woman owns (or should own) a Laura Mercier product. The brand is famous for their ”Camouflage” and for their natural approach when it comes to make-up. I absolutely enjoyed talking to Laura Mercier, I could feel from her energy how genuine she is and that everything she says comes from the heart. I sat down with Laura Mercier at Claridges hotel in Londen along with her PR team. She shared her experience on working with Mariah Carey, how challenging it is to work with a business partner and what products she would launch dedicated to the Middle East!

Q&A with Davis Factor, founder of Smashbox Cosmetics

I love interviewing inspiring people who have established themselves in this tough industry. It’s always interesting to know how they started out and what ups and downs they’ve been through during their career. This time I got to interview Davis Factor who’s a fashion photographer and the founder of Smashbox Cosmetics. (A little fact about Davis; he’s the grandson of the actual Max Factor!!)  Smashbox Studios was founded in 1990 by the two brothers Davis and Dean Factor. The studio was being used to create high fashion shoots for huge magazines and celebrity photography for music labels. In 1996 Smashbox Cosmetics came alive, their goal was to create products that they felt like was missing on set. ”If the products work in tough studio environments, it will work in real life!” – According to Davis Factor. Today, the brand has become an essential make-up brand for many make-up artists and beauty bloggers (including me) all over the globe.

Interview Francesca Tolot (Beyonce’s Make-up Artist)

Last month I got the opportunity to attend the MAC Pro Masterclass in Milan hosted by Francesca Tolot. As the only make-up artist and blogger from the UAE I got invited to meet her and to see her work in real life. Francesca has worked with countless A-list celebrities such as; Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Shakira and Gwen Stefani just to name a few! She also did the make-up for most of Beyonce’s music video’s from her latest Visual album such as; Drunk in love, Superpower, Blow, Haunted, Yonce, Partition, Flawless and the list goes on. Her work has been an inspiration to me for many years so it was a great honour for me to meet and interview Francesca!

GLAMGLOW products, do they really work?

I’ve read so much about GLAMGLOW products. After reading so many positive feedback about it, it sounded like a miracle product that every person should have. There’s such a hype around the brand and their products but do they actually live up the hype? I decided to test them out and see what results I can achieve with these products.

Is this make-up printer bringing down the $55 billion make-up industry?

”We’re going to live in a world where you can take a picture of your friends’ lipstick and print it out.” – Grace Choi   A Harvard business student has recently developed a 3D make-up printer that can be used at home with the capability of printing out actual make-up products. Just simply copy a color of the shade you would like to have and then print out the product.