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How I spent summer in the UAE

  As much as I love living in the UAE, summers here are unbearable! The heat & humidity are on a next level, being outside is unbearable, the ocean water is hot the only thing left to do is going to the malls. I’m trying to spend as much time outdoors even though it’s challenging because I don’t want to spend the entire summer breathing AC air, day in, day out 🙁

How to go camping while high maintenence

Just the thought of it really scared me when Ryadh proposed the idea of going camping. Where am I suppose to shower in the morning and how am I going to use my body scrub? How am I going to use the toilet when I suddenly have to pee at night? And how am I going to do my bedtime skincare routine with limited water? All of these questions kept me from going for a long time until one day I thought; screw it, I’m just going to do it because its a once in a lifetime experience. Turns out, I LOVE camping now!

A Bahraini getaway!

During the month of October I got to stay at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Bahrain and it was my first time to visit the country. I haven’t seen much of Bahrain other then the roads to and from the airport so I’m definitely hoping to come back soon and explore the country a bit more.

Beauty looks from Fashion Forward

Even though fashion & beauty go hand in hand, I’m not a big ”fan” of attending fashion shows. I’d rather see what’s going on backstage and how the beauty looks are being brought to life. I do have to acknowledge the fact that we’ve got some amazing local fashion talent in the UAE. In this post you’ll find all the beauty looks from this season’s Fashion Forward DXB!

Sephora haul

I’ve recently attended a multi branded Sephora event where we got introduced to the latest launches available at Sephora. They fly in the spokesperson of each brand from all over the world and they talk us through the new products and launches. After every Sephora event, they provide everyone with a massive goodie bag filled with all the latest products. I’ve lined up some of the new launches that are available at Sephora across the Middle East including brands like: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Starskin, Nails Inc. and many more!

London Photo Diary

London means one thing to me…. Shoppingggg! I always visit London with an empty suitcase and I come back with 3 full suitcases (seriously, no joke). I barely shop in Dubai simply because I think everything is so overpriced here so when I get the chance to travel, I make sure to shop until I drop! I’ve been to London twice before but I do have to say that I appreciate the city more after this trip, especially the Brick Lane area! It’s so urban and cool and you can just walk around, get lost and take awesome pictures and meet interesting people. Not to mention the amount of insanely cool vintage stores! By the way, there’s SO much talent in London when it comes to street artists – I love it!  I also got to explore the city with my younger brother who came to visit me from Amsterdam. I only got back from London yesterday and I couldn’t wait to show you my photo diary. The reason why I always share photo diaries on …

Introducing L’Occitane Oud & Rose fragrance

Introducing the Oud & Rose fragrance collection by L’Occitane…  Oud & Rose is the latest fragrance of the collection by L’Occitane. ”La Collection de Grasse” named after the Mediterranean city of Grasse in Provence. The collection was created to unite two regions known for history and tradition of perfumery, by creating balance between Arabic and French style in fragrance creation. I was approached by the brand to be a part of this fragrance project. I feel so honoured to have worked with L’Occitane on this campaign! I absolutely love the images, it really brings out the feeling and inspiration of the fragrance – a mysterious, woody and spicy breeze from the Orient.

Preview: Dior Fall Make-up Collection

It’s that time of the year again where beauty brands are launching their Fall collection. I actually received these Dior products only today and it’s one of the first Fall collections that I’ve received so far. I haven’t gotten into the products yet but I can’t wait to start playing with them!