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Tumblr Thursday: 70’s feels

I feel like the 70’s fashion & beauty trends are slowly coming back again. I noticed this the most when I was in London last summer. Disco glam, bohemian chic, hippie style, clumpy lashes, oversized colored glasses, vintage denim, messy beach waves and velvet textures are all becoming super popular again. I was really drawn to these images when I scrolled through my Tumblr feed, they give me major summer wanderlust.

Day 2 in Doha, Qatar

Day 2 and my last day here in Doha, I had so much fun here in “mini Dubai”. I love how the public places here are really quiet and not as packed as in Dubai. We visited The Pearl, the Museum of Islamic Art and had some more food at the W hotel Doha . Below you’ll find a few snaps of my 2nd day here in Doha, Qatar. SHOP MY LOOK

I’m in Doha!

I’m so excited to be in Doha with Ryadh for a quick getaway. We’re staying at the W Doha which is my favorite hotel in Doha. It’s so much colder here than it is in Dubai, I wasn’t expecting that so I didn’t pack properly… I’m freezing! So far we’ve been stuffing our faces at all the restaurants in the W and we’ve been doing some sightseeing. SHOP MY LOOK

Tumblr Thursday: Peachy

Happy Thursday! Today it’s martyrs day in the UAE and tomorrow it’s national day, which means; extra long weekend, yay! How are you guys spending the day off today? I have no plans so far, I might go to the beach, hopefully it won’t be too crowded. Today I’m sharing my very first Tumblr Thursday post!  I get most of my inspiration from many different social media platforms but Tumblr is definitly my favorite place to look for new inspiration. I love sharing the newest trends & inspiration with you guys so I’ve decided to do a weekly “Tumblr Thursday” post where I share everything that I find inspiring. You’ll find all the individual pictures (& more) on my Tumblr page.

Travel video: Maldives

I’ve been a bit MIA these past two weeks because I’ve been battling the worst flu! Here’s a short video of my trip to the Maldives, hope this will make up for my absence! Check out #NajlaTravels on Instagram to see all my travel posts, I can’t wait to create more travel content for you guys 🙂

Travel Video: Sri Lanka 2016

I know I’ve been a bit MIA on my blog but as you probably could tell from my endless pictures on social media, I was on vacation in Sri Lanka. Since I haven’t done any videos in while, I decided to create a cool video of my trip for you guys. I’ve worked really hard on editing this video and I was already halfway through my trip when I’ve decided to actually make a video so I hope you’ll like it 🙂

I’m in Vogue Italia!

I recently, got approached by the team of Vogue Italia to be featured in their April issue. In the interview I’m discussing the beauty trends in the Gulf region and the make-up looks that get most requested by my clients. It’s such an honor for me to be featured in THE Vogue magazine and I loved working on this article. The interview is in Italian however, below you’ll find the English version of it 🙂

Is this the perfect scent for Ramadan?

You think you’ve seen it all with Jo Malone until out of nowhere they drop the most luxurious collection of colognes with each individual scent being completely different from another. The “Rare Tea” collection features colognes that are inspired by, you guessed it… Tea.  Not ordinary tea but from Japanese foothills to China to the Himalayas and for the first time; infused straight from the leaf into refined fragrances.