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Minimalistic nail art to-die-for!

Lately I’m really into simple and minimalistic nail art. Rose gold nail polish seems to be really taking over Pinterest. I love the super simple rose gold stripes over a transparent base coat combined with double stacked fine rings. Marble nail art is also getting popular by the day as well as thin, white stripes. I’ve explored some new inspiration on one of my favorite platforms: Pinterest and I wanted to show you the most popular designs that are to-die-for!

Ear piercings inspiration

The other day I posted a few pictures on my Snapchat with some ear piercing inspirations and to my surprise they got an overwhelming amount of screenshots. So, I wanted to do a dedicated blogpost about this topic and share some inspiration of ear piercing styles that I’m currently drooling over. I don’t have many piercings in my ears, I’ve got 3 holes on each side but I would love to get it more pierced – I’m just really terrified of the pain.