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How to maintain your skin while fasting

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, we fast from sunrise to sunset. It’s a time for spiritual reflection, self improvement, increased devotion and worship. Keeping your skin healthy is as important as having a healthy diet during the holy month. One of the purposes of Ramadan is to detox your body and release all toxins from within. These tips will help you to detoxify your skin and to maintain a healthy & happy skin this month.


VIDEO! Tried & tested: Hydrafacial

If there’s a treatment that I absolutely love, it’s facials. I like exploring new treatments and I recently tried out the Hydrafacial here in Dubai at the Novaclinic. Anything that improves the health of my skin, I want! There are many benefits to the hydrafacial but most importantly, it’s a great instant hydration boost & it clears out the skin within minutes.

dr. murad skincare

Murad skincare is finally launching in the Middle East!

The other day I got to attend the launch event of dr. Murad skincare products in Dubai. I’ve heard and read many great things about the brand so I’m excited for the launch. The breakfast event was inspired by the healthy vegan life since it’s an L.A. based brand. The food was amazing! Anyone that knows me well, knows that I’m addicted to acai bowls. I’ve never had green acai bowl before but it was really good.

Tropical pampering day

It’s my second time to visit this branch of Talise spa, everytime I’m there it reminds me of Marrakech but with the tropical elements of Asia. The spa area is really beautiful and on sunny days you’ll be able to enjoy the pool as well. Talise Spa has so many different treatments but the treatments I had done were the “Full Body Scrub” of 30 minutes and the “Margys Age Embrace Facial” of 60 minutes.

Seven ways to use a Cellular fix spray

I think it’s been no secret that I love Institut Esthederm products. Their products are very effective and very straight forward. Every time I try a new product from the brand, I can see a difference in my skin either immediately or within 10 days which is super fast and just proves how effective it is. I’ve been using their products for a couple of years now and recently I got to sit down with Aurelia Duchatelle who is their international skin care expert. She analyzed my skin and she gave me so many helpful tips and tricks that I had to share with you guys. One of the products she talked about was the “Cellular Water Spray” and she shared some tips on how to use the spray in several different ways.

VIDEO: How to properly use primers

How you’re using make-up primers is just as essential as your skincare routine. Every primer has a different purpose , some can be used all over the face and others should be used on targeted areas only. I personally have oily skin so I make sure to use an oil-free primer for my T-zone. I also have open pores on my cheek area, so I use a primer that helps to blur out the open pores and textured skin. I could go on and on about different primers and how to use them so I’ve created a short video that explains everything.

An Italian fairytale with Bottega Verde

Last month I traveled to the sunny Italy with Bottega Verde to get to the core and birth place of the brand which is in Tuscany. I’ve been to Italy serval times before but it was my first time in Tuscany. It really looks like a postcard picture in real life, its SO beautiful! I visited the Palazzo Massaini which is owned by Bottega Verde. All of the brand’s commercials and campaigns have shot at the palace so it was interesting to see it in real life. The castle was built in the 15th century and its purpose was to be a castle of peace but now it’s known as the castle of beauty.

What cutting out on dairy has done to my skin and body

I first read about Khloe Kardashian losing weight by cutting out on anything that contains dairy. I mean, can we all agree at how amazing she looks lately so whatever she’s doing; I have to get on it too! Sure, she probably has a chef that cooks her healthy meals and has a personal trainer but if this has also helped her to lose a few pounds I thought it was worth the try so I gave it a go. A part from that, I always read articles about how dairy is really bad for your body & skin and how it shouldn’t even be consumed by human beings. This time, I did a little more research and I found out that it clogs your pores, causes pimples on your chin & jaw line, it contains lots of hormones which can cause men to get men breasts. Apparently human beings aren’t suppose to consume dairy after the first year of being born because your body stops digesting it that’s why a lot of people are …

Health benefits of traditional Moroccan hammam

You haven’t tried a real Hammam unless you’ve it done in North Africa. Prior to my trip to Morocco, I’ve only had Hammams done in Algeria (which is where I’m originally from) and it’s exactly the same like the “Moroccan” hammam I did in Marrakech so I really enjoyed it ☺ In North Africa it’s a tradition to visit the Hammam every week to wash off all the dirt and stress from your body. It’s an amazing ritual especially considering the health benefits that Hammams have. Moroccans and North African people in general are a pro in taking care of the skin and hair just by using natural ingredients. I’ve learned so many amazing natural beauty tips from my mom and aunts that I still use until this day. One of the natural ingredients that I use on a daily basis is Argan oil, which is also used during the Hammam ritual.