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The differences between MAKE UP FOR EVER foundations

I personally use A LOT of MAKE UP FOR EVER products. Whether it’s on my clients or on myself. I mainly use their new latest products such as the; eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascara’s, cream blushers and of course their new collection of brushes. However, I’ve never been very familiar with their foundations because they have so many different foundations! The foundations were always a bit confusing to me and I couldn’t really understand what the purpose of each foundation was. Last month I got a 1-on-1 workshop from their regional make-up artist: Sam Boutros. He explained the purpose of each foundation, what skin type it’s recommended for and he allowed me to play with the products and try out the different textures. Basically all of my questions about their foundations were  answered after this workshop.

How to wear bold eyes combined with bold lips

  It’s almost impossible to wear a heavy eye make-up with a bold lip colour without feeling like a drag queen. Some women can’t leave the house without a full make-up on and others can’t stand having a lot of make-up on. However, I believe change is good! Sometimes its healthy to step out of your comfort zone by trying something different. Or maybe you just want to wear a bold look but you don’t know how to rock it. It takes a lot of confidence but it also takes a few small tricks…