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Tumblr Thursday: Summer feelings

It’s officially Summer which means that it’s going to be SUPER hot in the UAE. It has its good and bad sides, the good side is that it’s beach season again and the downside of it is that it can get really hot which is unbearable here. I’m currently planning my summer vacation and I got a bit inspired on Tumblr by all the beachy and summer posts so I’m sharing some of my favorite photos here. Like always, you’ll find these images individually on my Tumblr page!

My stay + review in the Maldives

Last month, Ryadh and I traveled to Maldives for the first time. It was our 5th year wedding anniversary so we really wanted to go somewhere special and what perfect place to spend your wedding anniversary than in Maldives? I posted a travel video as well of my Maldives trip so if you haven’t check it out yet then click here and make sure to subscribe to my channel as well! To see any of my Instagram travel posts, make sure to check out #NajlaTravels. The resort we stayed at was the “Adaaran Prestige Vadoo”. I’ve been receiving a lot of interest on Snapchat about the resort so here’s my feedback of my stay at the resort.

Travel video: Maldives

I’ve been a bit MIA these past two weeks because I’ve been battling the worst flu! Here’s a short video of my trip to the Maldives, hope this will make up for my absence! Check out #NajlaTravels on Instagram to see all my travel posts, I can’t wait to create more travel content for you guys 🙂

What to pack for a beach vacation

The reason why I’m doing this post is because Ryadh (my husband) and I recently got back from a beach vacation to Sri Lanka. Everything he packed for that trip just didn’t make any sense (LOL). Mainly because he didn’t really know what to pack and of course it also has to do with men just being too careless about what they’re packing to a trip. Then I realized perhaps there are more people that have no clue what to pack for a beach vacation, so I decided to break it down for you from my personal experience.

Photo Diary: Shangri La, Muscat

I can’t even believe how fast this trip flew by! I had an amazing time in Oman, the places I’ve been to were absolutely stunning! One of those places was the Shangri La resort in Muscat. It was the first time for me to stay at the resort and I had a blast! My favourite experience at the resort was by far seeing how new born turtles are being rescued and freed into the sea! Below you’ll find some images from what I’ve been up to (mainly swimming & being lazy) along with some additional information about the resort.

My holiday beauty essentials!

Sunburns, mosquito bites and salty water. Sounds horrible but I’m loving it! I’m currently on vacation in Thailand and I’m having a blast! I’m so amazed by it’s stunning nature! A beach vacation is fun and relaxing but it takes a lot of work to keep your skin healthy so here are my essentials during my holiday: