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Cuffing season playlist

The last time I posted my music playlist was about a year ago and I got so many positive reactions to it on my social media, everyone seemed to love it. Check out my last years playlist here. My playlist is always changing but currently I’m really into slow jams and I thought it would be a perfect time to share tat playlist in the midst of cuffing season. The playlists are mobile friendly and you can listen to it while your phone is locked, with earplugs in, with an aux cord or plugged into speakers.

Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 beauty trends

It always seizes to amaze me how much time flies. Just yesterday we stepped into 2017 and I’m already looking at the beauty trends of 2018, two thousand eighteen people!! It even sounds bizarre saying it out loud. Anyway, I’ve gathered together a few beauty looks for you that really stood out to me during the last fashion week. Once you’ll scroll through the images you’ll notice some major throwback looks that are going to be trendy again. My personal favorite trends are the dramatic bottom lashes and the peachy cheeks, beautiful!

Party nail art ideas for NYE

Happy holidays everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying the last few days of 2016 before welcoming the new year! I love adding a glittery nail polish over a plain nail color, just to create that extra sparkle and NYE seems to be the perfect occasion for that. I’ve created a few quick and simple nail arts you can do at home just in case you need some inspiration for New Years Eve. I’ve also added a “nude” nail art if you prefer to keep your nails minimal, this is also my favorite nail combo. FYI, glittery nail lacquers also seem to work great as a top coat 😉

Autumn/Winter make-up trends 2016-2017

The trends this season are all about dressing the face in a way that suits and flatters each person and there’s a lot of freedom in how you use make-up. Contrasts of edgy and punk versus soft and romantic turned up on the runways, some of the make-up looks are even inspired by the Middle Eastern woman. This season also celebrates the fact that evolving style is all in the mix of how beauty interplays with, and against, fashion. What makes make-up work is about the styling of the entire look; it’s the contrast that keeps things looking fresh. Above all, it’s about an unforced celebration of exactly what real women want to wear right now. These are the autumn make-up trends fresh from the runways of Milan, London, Paris and New York.