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The differences between MAKE UP FOR EVER foundations

I personally use A LOT of MAKE UP FOR EVER products. Whether it’s on my clients or on myself. I mainly use their new latest products such as the; eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascara’s, cream blushers and of course their new collection of brushes. However, I’ve never been very familiar with their foundations because they have so many different foundations! The foundations were always a bit confusing to me and I couldn’t really understand what the purpose of each foundation was. Last month I got a 1-on-1 workshop from their regional make-up artist: Sam Boutros. He explained the purpose of each foundation, what skin type it’s recommended for and he allowed me to play with the products and try out the different textures. Basically all of my questions about their foundations were  answered after this workshop.

What I’ve learned out of this workshop is that each foundation has to be applied in a particular way and with particular tools to get the most out of it. I’ve heard from many people that they’ve had a bad experience with MAKE UP FOR EVER foundations and chances are big that it has to do with the application of it and not with the actual product.

In this post I will be sharing answers to the questions that I used to have about MAKE UP FOR EVER foundations!




MAKE UP FOR EVER  //  HD Foundation

The HD Foundation is recommended for women looking for makeup with the ultimate natural flawless finish for any occasion and while posing in front of the camera. It is an oil-free liquid foundation which covers skin imperfections (covers the fine lines) in an extremely natural manner so it remains invisible on screen and in real life. It also moisturizes and prepares the skin for makeup and its smooth, refined and elastic texture makes it extremely easy to apply. The foundation can be mixed with MAKE UP FOR EVER’S liquid ”full cover concealer” for a full coverage.

Finishing: Flawless, soft focus, glowy effect
Coverage: Medium to full
Amount of shades available: 25
Recommended for: All skin types except for very oily skin

*Price: 200 AED  |  $43


MAKE UP FOR EVER  //  Face & Body Foundation

The Face & Body foundation is a gel-based foundation composed of 80% water and 20% oil. Applying it on the body guarantees a natural and even coverage or a natural sun tan effect, depending on the shade selected. Guaranteed waterproof, long-lasting and non-transferable effect. A great fact about this foundation is that it’s build able up to 7 layers and the texture makes it very easy to mix with everything! From concealers to glitters to body paint. The foundation doesn’t contain SPF otherwise it changes the thin texture of it.

Finishing: Dewy, glowy
Coverage:  Sheer to full
Amount of shades available: 19
Recommended for: All skin types

*Price: 190 AED  |  $40



MAKE UP FOR EVER  //  Liquid Lift Foundation

The ”Liquid Lift” foundation has a lifting effect which smoothes out wrinkles and tones down signs of tiredness. The texture is extremely oily and it’s suitable for tired, dry and mature skin. The foundation lifts loose skin and fills in the fine lines. After the foundation has been applied on the skin and it has set in, it can’t be build up anymore.

Finishing: Dewy
Coverage: Medium
Amount of shades available: 15
Recommended for: Mature & dry skin

*Price: 195 AED  |  $44


MAKE UP FOR EVER  //  Mat Velvet+ Foundation

The ”Mat Velvet+” is an oil-free liquid foundations which hides imperfections as it offers a high coverage. It offers a long lasting matte finish and is water resistant and sweat proof which is great for humid climates. The ”+” stands for foundation + powder in one. A powder can still be applied on top however, it’s not recommended to powder with a brush only with a puff otherwise it creates marks on the skin. The foundation is build able up to only 1 or 2 layers, because it’s a foundation+powder in one, chances are big that it can create a cakey effect if it’s build up in too many layers.

Finishing: Powdery/Matte
Coverage: Medium to full
Amount of shades available: 16
Recommended for: All skin types but mainly combination to oily skin

*Price: 195 AED  |  $36


MAKE UP FOR EVER  //  Foundation Palette

The ”Foundation Palette” features all 11 shades of the Pan Stick Foundation by MAKE UP FOR EVER. The creamy texture evens out the complexion and camouflages small imperfections. The shade options allow you to customise your foundation and it’s great to use for highlighting & contouring. The texture is designed to blend and build up so it’s recommended to set it in with a powder. The empty spot in the palette is to create your own shade. The palette is a pro item so it’s only being sold in the MAKE UP FOR EVER pro stores which is located in The Dubai Mall.

Finishing: Glossy/dewy
Coverage: Sheer to full
Amount of shades available: The palette contains 11 shades
Recommended for: All skin types

*Price:  $113




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