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The perfect beauty retreat in a buzzing city: Talise spa

I recently got the chance to experience a few treatments at the Talise spa in Madinat Jumeirah. I was so stressed out from work and constantly fixated on my emails; I really needed a day to recharge again so the Talise spa seemed like the perfect place.

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I was quite surprised when I walked around the spa (in a good way). Even though it’s in the middle of the city, I felt like I was in a beauty retreat in Marrakech all over again. The outdoor area looks very tropical with the pool area being surrounded by giant palm & banana trees. The exterior is very Moroccan inspired. I loved everything about the spa (especially the outdoor pool area) from the exterior to the food and of course their treatments. I never take the time to treat myself and I should definitly do this more often. The spa seemed like the perfect (and quite) place to unwind from the busy city life.


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When spending the day at the spa, you’ll get access to the beach, gym, pool and to the spa treatments of course. The outdoor areas are mixed with men and women, however indoor; male & females are separated. There’s also an option to get couple treatments done.


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I’ve recently started to become very health conscious (I’m on my way to becoming a health freak). Not necessarily to lose weight but I want to make sure that I have the right vitamins in to keep me energized and to prevent my skin from aging quickly. I obviously do that by eating healthy as much as possible. I’ve got one body for the rest of my life so it’s important that whatever I put in my body is healthy and nutricious.

The food at Talise spa is perfect for people like me who appreciate good food that’s healthy and nutritious at the same time. The “Talise Nutrition” menu has been created by a wellness chef who puts a lot of thought into choosing ingredients and creating the dishes. From fruit infused water to Acai bowls, everything on the menu is super healthy and surprisingly very affordable too (no ridiculous prices). I had the smoked salmon wrap with a side of creamy guacamole and berries infused water.


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These are the treatments I got to experience…


Alphasphere DELUXE sensory experience

This is a great way to start your treatments with, it mentally prepares you to relax and reduce stress before getting any treatments done. When I first got into the room, I was still very fixated on my emails and I wasn’t relaxed at all. After the 20 min experience, I was mentally and physically relaxed and ready for the rest of my treatments. It’s a very unique sensory experience that induces deep relaxation by using; sound therapy, color therapy, aromatherapy and vibration to promote deep relaxation and regenerate the body and mind. These are the four different programs available:

BASIC (blue program): Balancing and calming
SENSITIVE (pink program): Soft, gentle and inspiring
INTENSE (red program): To evoke grounding, change, ambition and passion.
ENERGY (orange program): Activating and revitalising

– Harmonizes breathing and loosens tight muscles
– Lowers heart rate and high blood pressure
– Reduces levels of stress hormones
– Develops inner strength and balance
– Stimulates imagination and inspiration
– Provides a feeling of comfort and contentment


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Panpuri Soothing Body Polish experience

I’m a sucker for body scrubs, it’s beneficial to the skin in many different ways so I was glad to be able to experience this treatment. It left my skin smooth, rested and glowing with the use of organic oils, gentle scrub and nourishing creams from Panpuri’s “Lavender & Vanilla” collection.
Duration: 60-min


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Panpuri Bespoke Facial (with jasmine defense complex)
I was quite impressed that the therapist managed to clean out my pores, tighten my skin and add radiance without using any harsh tools, products or extraction. Personally, if I don’t use an exfoliator or facial brush to wash my face with, my pores still feel clogged up. However, when I got the facial done, the therapist only used creams and yet it was still very effective to my skin. My skin had literally soaked in rejuvenating creams and serums that the next day my skin still felt rested and looked radiant. All products were used from the brand Panpuri which is known for being organic and gentle on the skin.
Duration: 75-min



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