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The perfect nail colours for Spring!

Can we just talk about how time FLIES!? I can’t believe it’s March already. We’ve barely had a proper Winter and now Spring is just around the corner… I’ve already started Spring cleaning so the other day I was organizing my nail colours and I noticed that I have quite a lot of nail colours in pastel shades. So, I’ve made a selection of my favourite nail colours which I think would look great to wear during the Spring season.



Pastels are a MUST during Spring! The weather is starting to brighten up, flowers are blooming, everyone is in a better mood, so why not reflect that ”Spring vibe” on the nails!


LYN Nail Laquer  //  #401 Butter me up!


LYN Nail Laquer  //  #202 This little pinkie


LYN Nail Laquer  //  #600 Mint for each other


LYN Nail Laquer  //  #800 You’re blue-tiful

I’ve had these nail colours for a while now but I was waiting for the right moment to write about it. During the Spring season pastel shades are a must! Sometimes it’s hard to find pastels that are highly pigmented at the same time. The first time I tried out these nail colours (49 AED each) I was in awe of how strongly pigmented the colours are! It offers a full coverage from the first swipe and only a single coat is necessary. Another fact about these nail lacquers is, is that it has a permeable formula which means that it allows water and air sweep through the polish onto the nails. This formula allows the nails to breathe under the varnish and it keeps them healthy.



Estee Lauder Pure Color  //  #02 Diva Moment Matte   (105 AED)

It’s not a pastel shade but there’s nothing wrong with wearing a dark bold nail colour during Spring. I love the matte finishing of it although, with matte nail colours you never know how long they will last, usually not longer than a day. I accidentally wore this nail colour without a matte top coat on top and I was surprised by how long it lasted before it started chipping. It lasted a good 3 days, considering the fact that I didn’t apply a top coat + I work a lot with my hands (and I wash them about 80 times a day) the quality is pretty good!



WOW by Wojooh Breathe-in Nail Polish  //  #122 Jasmine Petal


WOW by Wojooh Breathe-in Nail Polish  //  #132 Raw Sugar


WOW by Wojooh Breathe-in Nail Polish  //  #332 Peach Dusk


WOW by Wojooh Breathe-in Nail Polish  //  #592 Clay Rose 

For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, WOW by Wojooh is a local Middle Eastern beauty brand that offers beauty products to meet the needs of the Middle Eastern women. They have a wide selection of nail colours and the shades above are currently my favourite. The lightest, nude shades are less pigmented than the darker shades. I love the quality of these nail lacquers considering the price range, the nail colours last about 3 days before it starts chipping off (if you wear a base and top coat). The WOW by Wojooh nail colours (55 AED each) have a permeable formula as well that allows the nails to breath.



OPI Nail Lacquer  //  #Dutch Tulips   (49 AED)


OPI Nail Lacquer  //  #Get Cherried Away   (49 AED)

Can you ever go wrong with OPI nail colours? It’s one of my favourite nail lacquer brand because they stand for quality and they offer a wide selection of shades. I’ve selected these two shades as a Spring must have colour because the shades are so colourful and it puts me in a good mood! 🙂



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