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To-Die-For: Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddes Collection

Why are the best products always a limited edition? Why can’t it just be a part of the permanent collection?! That’s what I thought when I went through this new Bronze Goddes collection by Estée Lauder. For Summer 2015, the brand has released this limited edition collection and it’s to die for! If you’re new to this collection, I would say; start off with the Bronze Goddes bronzers… You’ll thank me later 😉



Bronze Goddes Collection



Estée Lauder, Bronze Goddes // Illuminating Powder Gelée

Estee Lauder’s illuminating powder has been extremely popular so for this launch, they’ve created another similar highlighter. The product is as pretty a it looks, it has a champagne sheen to it, contains no shimmers and offers an instant glow!

 *Price: 224 AED  /  $61



Estée Lauder, Bronze Goddes  // Shimmering Nudes Eyeshadow Palette (limited edition)

The Bronze Goddes collection features 2 palettes. This palette contains 8 eyeshadow colours in total varying from nude, earthy, shimmery and metallic shades. All colours are of course highly pigmented and made out of great quality. I can definitely see myself packing this palette with me when I’m travelling, it contains all the shades I need and it’s super light weighted.

 *Price: 320 AED  /  $87



Estée Lauder, Bronze Goddes  // Shimmering Nudes Face & Eye Palette (limited edition)

This palette features a bronzer and 3 eyeshadow colours along with a blending brush. The colours in the palette are the definition of a Bronze Goddes! Very pretty shimmery shades and the bronzer has a nice vibrant (non-orange) pigmentation to it. Also, this palette in particular is exclusively available at Sephora only!

 *Price: 320 AED  /  $87



Estée Lauder, Bronze Goddes  //  Gelée Bronzer

These two products are definitely new to me. The Gelee Bronzer is basically a face and bronzer that comes in a thick liquidy consistency. It has a very sheer coverage yet, it’s build able and it has such beautiful dewy finish. It can be worn on it’s own or on top of a foundation. With self tanners of body bronzers it’s always a bit risky, you either nail it or you completely fail it! What I do like about this bronzer is that it’s very sheer yet it still provides a tan that looks natural.  

*Price: 260 AED  /  $71


Estée Lauder, Bronze Goddes  //  All Over Illuminator

The illuminator is in my opinion a multi functional product. Personally, I would use it as a blush, highlighter and even lipstick! It adds a beautiful glow and healthy freshness to the face!

*Price: 196 AED  /  $53


IMG_7688  IMG_7678Estée Lauder, Bronze Goddes  //  Nail Lacquer #P7 Nude pearl

This nail colour screams Bronze Goddes! I couldn’t think of a better shade to compliment this collection. The shade is described as nude/rose gold, it has a frosty finish and it contains gold shimmers, love it!

 *Price: 105 AED  /  $28


IMG_7658IMG_7670  IMG_7671
#Nude Pearl                                                    #Nude Coral

Estée Lauder, Bronze Goddes  //  Pure Color Gloss Pen (limited edition)

When I saw these products for the first time, I immediately thought of a liquid illuminator. Little did I know they’re lip glosses! The packaging is so unusual for a lipgloss but it’s refreshing and different. The lip glosses look less pigmented on the lips compared to the swatches. This also has to do with the fact that my natural lip colour is quite pigmented. They definitely look prettier and  sparklier in real life than on the images. It’s very wearable, light weighted and non sticky.

 *Price: 130 AED  /  $35


All in all, the collection is absolutely stunning! I don’t know about you, but I think Estée Lauder is killing it with their new launches lately! Sometimes I caught myself using only Estee Lauder products on myself. I always loved the brand but now, I’m OB-SESSED! I’ll definitely do another post to show you what these products look like on my face. Thumbs up to Estée Lauder for this gorgeous collection!

The collection is available starting beginning of July (for a limited time) at the Estée Lauder counters across the Middle East.



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