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Tom Ford Lips & Boys lipsticks are in town!

Tom Ford has released 50 new lipsticks ($32 each) in miniature sizes which fits in to the smallest purses and clutches. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the size of the Lips & Boys cases but I think the miniature size make total sense! Let’s be honest, the cases of Tom Ford lipsticks are quite big which is a good thing when you want to show of your sleek TF lipstick (ahum! Sounds familiar 😉 ) But, not so much when you’re (according to TF) carrying a small purse with you. It’s also a nice way to try out a Tom Ford without spending $50 for each lipstick.



The size of the Lips & Boys lipsticks is really tiny! Almost half the size of a full sized Tom Ford lipstick.





“I like the idea of lipsticks named after boys. Why commit to one when you can have several?”

Not sure exactly what he meant by that with the last sentence. Also, the name of each lipstick is inspired by the men he admires… Uhhmmm, It’s getting really awkward right now so can we just talk about the lipsticks please? LOL (awkwarddddd)

The collection offers a wide variety of shades from nudes to bold and purple shades. Since I’m a sucker for nude and peachy lip colours, I obviously went for the nude shades!



Swatches: #31 Luca  /  #32 Matthew  /  #08 Peter

#31 Luca


The other day I was playing with my make-up (like always) and I was trying out a new eyeshadow which I absolutely loved! So my thought was; a lipstick in the exact same shade would have been perfect! It’s almost like Tom Ford read my mind… So I came across this shade and it was love at first sight... Yay! The finish is very frosty and the shimmers don’t really show on the skin as much as it does on the bullet. Instead, it gives it a more of a glossy look.


IMG_3904#32 Matthew


One of the prettiest corals I’ve tried in a while! I have a feeling that this lipstick is going to be my fave this Summer! It reminds me a lot of the Pure Color Envy lipstick in #310 Potent by Estee Lauder except this one has a more frosty finish to it. It’s also very highly pigmented and after a few hours it dries up into a matte lip stain. The longevity of this shade is much longer than the other two Lips&Boys shades.


IMG_3907#08 Peter


Such a beautiful nude lipstick! The shade goes perfect with the tan I have at the moment. The finish is also very frosty.



The TOM FORD Lips & Boys lipsticks is available for a limited time from the 1st of April until the 22nd of April 2015.




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