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Vacay Beauty Essentials

The last time I did a post about my holiday beauty essentials was more than a year ago in Thailand! I can’t believe it took me that long to go on a vacation again… sigh! In this post I’m sharing my skincare, hair essentials, make-up, sun protection and body care products during my beach vacation!


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As a beauty blogger, I’m always testing out new skincare products so my skincare routine keeps changing. At the moment, these products are working best for me. I stopped using the Clarisonic every single day because I was advised to use it only once a week. Apparently it opens up the pores more when you use it a lot. I love using the Clinique Face Wash when Im using the Clarisonic. My skin feels fresh and tight afterwards, sometimes I use it without the Clarisonic. On days where I don’t use the Clarisonic I use these products by Institut Esthederm. I’m OBSESSED with this brand! It works for every skin type and the mask peels off your dead skin, they’re absolutely amazing! I’m working on an updated skincare routine video where I’ll explain more about these products in details. All four Institut Esthederm are in sample sizes because it’s easier to travel with but they’re all available in full sizes. The Neubrow is a serum that stimulates the growth of the brows, I use this every night before going to bed. So far it has closed most of the gaps I used to have on my eyebrows, I love this product!

– Clarisonic  //  Aria (waterproof)
– Institut Esthederm  //  Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser  /  Lightening Bussing Mask  /
Eau Cellulaire Spray  /  Eau Cellulaire Gel
– Clinique  //  Foaming Sonic Facial Soap
– NeuCosmetics  //  NeuBrow Serum


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To be fairly honest, during my trip I wore little to no make-up at all. And when I did, It was mostly just a lipstick, bronzer and some brow gel to keep my brows in place. I’m addicted to the Aqua Rouge lipsticks by MAKE UP FOR EVER! I always use it when I’m on a beach vacation. It’s perfect for when you’re in the water all the time or in humid/hot weathers. I also kept my lips moisturised and hydrated by wearing several lip balms. Even though I’m tanned and I have that natural blush and glow going on, I always like to accentuate that by using the Cheek & Lip Glow by Dior.

– MAKE UP FOR EVER  // Pro Bronze Fusion #30M
– MAKE UP FOR EVER  // Aqua Rouge #8  /  Aqua Rouge #16  /  Aqua Lip #8C
– NYX  //  Butter Lipstick #BLS16
– Dior  //  Rouge Brillant # 468  /  Cheek & Lip Glow
– Lipsmackers  //  Mango flavor
– Clarins  //   Eclat Minute #06 Rosewood
– Bobbi Brown  //  Natural Brow Shaper #brunette


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Body care

I never pack a shower gel with me when I go on vacation, I mainly use the shower gels from the resorts I stay in because I don’t want to pack my large shower gel bottle with me just to save space. The skin on my body is very dry to begin with but when I was up in the mountains, my skin became SUPER dry! I had to moisturise it constantly so I was very happy that I packed my Laura Mercier Oil & Body Cream with me. I used it everyday all over my body but mainly on my belly, back and legs. I have this irritation on my belly and patches that I get once in a while and it gets worse when I go to the beach a lot. My dermatologist advised me to use this Sebizole. It reduces the irritation and patches on my skin when I use it regularly. During this trip I tried to use it everyday to prevent the irritation from getting worse. I love this product it really helps and you can get it from any pharmacy for only 23 AED.

– Clarins  //  Exfoliating Body Scrub
– Sebizole  // Ketoconazole 2% Shampoo 100ml
– Laura Mercier, Flawless Skin  //   Nourishing Oil  /  Nourishing Creme
– Gucci Guilty  //  Diamond (limited edition) Eau de Toilette 50 ml
– Gillete Venus  //  Breeze Razor


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Sun Protection

Clearly I’m obsessed with the Bioderma Photoderm spray. I’m running out and I need to stock up on a few more bottles for the Summer. It’s very light weighted, waterproof, easy to use and it’s moisturising. I mainly use it on my shoulders to make sure that I don’t get a sunburn. As an aftersun I use vinegar, yes vinegar. It’s the best aftersun I’ve ever tried! It instantly cools of the skin and no matter how sunburned you are, once you apply the vinegar a few times it’ll prevent your skin from peeling! I never pack vinegar with me, I usually just ask for it in the hotel I’m staying in. White vinegar and apple cider vinegar both work well. At the beginning of my trip I was super pale so I the first two days I used the Bioderma SPF 100 cream on my face to prevent getting a sun burn. After those two days I started using the Eau Thermale Avene SPF 50 cream to still get a tan but remain protected at the same time. Because I was soooo pale, I was on a mission to get super tanned legs! I used the serum by Guerlain to boost the tanning process and it works within seconds!

– Bioderma  //  Photoderm Invisible Mist SPF 50  /  Photoderm Fluide SPF 100
– Eau Thermale Avene  //  High Protection Emulsion SPF 50
– Guerlain  //  Sun Serum (Tanning Booster)


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Hair Care

I find it challenging to keep my hair healthy and moisturised when I’m on a beach vacation because I’m either in the salty sea water or chloride pool. To keep my hair moisturised whilst being in the sea or pool, I always apply olive oil in my hair. I also recently started using the Hair Protection Mist by Lancaster to protect my hair from strong UV rays and I use it on top of the olive oil. After washing my hair I loveee  using the Kerastase oil/serum, I apply it on the ends of my hair. It smells amazing, absorbs quickly and it moisturises my hair instantly. The hair mask that comes with it is pretty amazing too, the texture is very thick and works hydrating. If you’ve watched my Curly Hair Tutorial, you know how much I love this hair balsam by Salerm Cosmetics. The original bottle is pretty huge so when I’m travelling I keep it in a travel sized bottle.

– Kerastase Chronologiste  //  Oil Serum  /  Hair Mask
– Salerm Cosmetics  //  Hair Balsem
– Lancaster  //  Hair Protection Mist



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