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VIDEO: How I keep my teeth white at home!

Last Summer I had my teeth whitened at Just White Dental Clinic and I drink A LOT of coffee so I have to make sure that my teeth stay white. In this video I will be sharing how I keep them white and I’m sharing a few quick tips that I got from my dentist dr.  Maysoon.


Four tips from dr. Maysoon on how to keep your teeth white:

1.  Flossing regularly helps to reduce the dark stains between the teeth
2.  Use an electric toothbrush as its better at lifting off stains from food and drinks.
3.  Having your teeth cleaned & polished regularly at the dentist
4.  Avoid excessive consumption of food/drrinks that stain teeth and smoking as well. Examples; coffee, (green) tea, red wine, red sauces, curry.



* Single tube (150 AED)
* Pack of 3 tubes (450 AED)

*Home whitening treatment: 1500 AED
Includes: custom made trays and 6 tubes of whitening gel

* Teeth whitening laser treatment (in-office): 2100 AED
Includes: custom made trays and 1 tube of whitening gel


Just White Dental Clinic is based in Dubai located on JBR The Walk

T: +971 (4) 399 8440
E: [email protected]



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