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VIDEO: How to properly use primers

How you’re using make-up primers is just as essential as your skincare routine. Every primer has a different purpose , some can be used all over the face and others should be used on targeted areas only. I personally have oily skin so I make sure to use an oil-free primer for my T-zone. I also have open pores on my cheek area, so I use a primer that helps to blur out the open pores and textured skin. I could go on and on about different primers and how to use them so I’ve created a short video that explains everything.

I’ve recently teamed up with Smashbox Cosmetics to show you how to use their primers. These primers are quite versatile, they can be used for different purposes or they can be combined together;

Blemish Control: Acts like a skincare product, treats blemishes overtime
Hydrating: Nourishes dehydrated skin (great for dry skin)
Color Correcting Adjust: Cancels out redness
Pore Minimizing: Blurs out open pores & textured skin
Foundation Primer: Long lasting oil-free primer (great for oily skin)
Primer Water: Can be used as a primer or setting spray
Primer Oil: Can be used to create radiance or to nourish dry skin





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