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VIDEO: My 5 favourite brown lipsticks!

I’ve never been a big fan of brown lipsticks and I never liked it on myself. Up until Kylie Jenner set the trend of over lining the lips and wearing dark brown lipsticks. I personally think that colourful or dark lipstick colours look best when you have big lips. My lips aren’t really thick so I usually go for nude lipsticks. But then I tried to over line my lips as well and I started to play around with brown lipsticks, I absolutely loved it! Ever since I’ve been wearing brown lipsticks quite often.

In the video I’ll be sharing 5 of my favourite brown lipsticks that I wear all the time.



Below you will find the name of each lipstick along with the images.


1. MAC Alluring Aquatics  //  #Enchanted One



2. Bobbi Brown  //  Matte Lip Color #23 Nude



3. MAC x RiRi   //  #Bad Girl



4. Clarins  //  Eclat Minute #06 Rosewood



5. Rimmel  //  Moisture Renew #220 Heather Shimmer



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