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VIDEO: Super Easy DIY Perfume Tray!

So…. As I mentioned in my previous DIY video, I’m working on lots of fun DIY projects including this perfume tray. For the longest time I was looking for a tray that was big enough for all of my perfumes and it also had to be within my budget. The trays that I found were either too small, too big or too expensive. Then I figured, why not make my own tray!

It was super easy to make and it’s very easy on the pocket too! With DIY projects it’s all about saving money and also, it’s so much fun to do! Especially when the end result turns out exactly the way you wanted to. Enjoy watching the video!



  1. Shagufta Naz says

    hi Najla

    i love ur blog and you have thw sweetest voice ever.

    can you pls let me know wgere can i buy the items for diy perfume tray


  2. I love this! my only thought is that the video should have a video transcription for non-native viewers!

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