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Warm hair color ideas for Fall/Autumn



In my personal opinion, I think that every season should be an opportunity to try something new whether it’s a new hair style, color or cut. In this post I’m sharing a few beautiful hair color ideas for Autumn, mainly warm brown tones. As much as I love being a blonde, these photos make me miss having dark hair!


Ashy brown

If you’re currently a brunette but you want to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, then the grey/ashy highlights are an option. Keep in mind that the highlights need to be bleached before getting the grey tones so the risk of getting your hair damaged is there.



Light caramel

This is a beautiful color if you enjoy having light colored hair but with warm tones. Depending on the type of shampoo you use, you can decide whether you want the color to appear warm or cold. By using a purple shampoo, the blonde locks will appear lighter and cool toned.



Warm brown

This could be the perfect brown hue for autumn. The orange tones combined with the warm brown tones just scream autumn! It’s such a beautiful warm hair color and the colors come out even more if you take good care of your hair and get regular treatments done.



Dark chocolate brown

This dark chocolate brown hair color will always remain a classic and timeless hair style. The autumn and winter season could be the perfect opportunity to switch u to a dark chocolate color if you currently have a lighter color. Make sure to regularly do hair treatments so that the color remains warm and the texture stays shiny.



Balayage brunette

The balayage color trend is still popular the next season. Instead of having a harsh blonde ombre  style, balayage could be a great alternative for subtle highlights.


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