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What cutting out on dairy has done to my skin and body

I first read about Khloe Kardashian losing weight by cutting out on anything that contains dairy. I mean, can we all agree at how amazing she looks lately so whatever she’s doing; I have to get on it too! Sure, she probably has a chef that cooks her healthy meals and has a personal trainer but if this has also helped her to lose a few pounds I thought it was worth the try so I gave it a go. A part from that, I always read articles about how dairy is really bad for your body & skin and how it shouldn’t even be consumed by human beings. This time, I did a little more research and I found out that it clogs your pores, causes pimples on your chin & jaw line, it contains lots of hormones which can cause men to get men breasts. Apparently human beings aren’t suppose to consume dairy after the first year of being born because your body stops digesting it that’s why a lot of people are intolerant to it.

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After 1 week only without doing anything differently other than avoiding dairy, I’ve lost 2 kilo’s. How insane! Obviously this made me even more excited and I got more motivated to continue with this lifestyle change. After about 2 weeks, I noticed a huge difference in my skin. The clarity in my skin has definitely increased, it’s more plump, looks younger/fresher and I’m not getting any breakouts at all (even around my period). I tried to take it a little further and I started cutting out on eggs too. Reason being, this helps me much easier to stay away from sweets such as; cakes, cookies etc.

So far, I’ve lost the most weight in my face and around my stomach. My muffin tops are definitely gone, my back feels tighter, I don’t feel bloated anymore and most importantly: I feel SO energised! To me, this isn’t necessarily about losing weight but more about adapting a healthier lifestyle… However, you’ll definitely won’t hear me complain if the weight starts shedding off 😉

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“I’ve been living a dairy-free lifestyle for almost 3 months now”

These are some of the foods I’ve been cutting out on:

– Cow’s milk (full fat, low fat, skimmed, any type of animal’s milk)
– Bread
– Pasta
– Cheese (all kinds of cheese)
– Yoghurt
– Creams (whipped cream, cooking cream)
– Dough (pizza, donuts, etc.)
– Desserts: cakes, cookies, muffins, baklava, kunafe etc.

Here’s a list of the substitutes I take instead of dairy:
– Almond milk (I have this with my coffee)
– Soy milk (if I run out of almond milk)
– Coconut milk (tastes delicious with granola!)
– Coconut oil (instead of milk & eggs in desserts/cakes)
– Pita bread (most pita breads don’t contain dairy or eggs)
– Quinoa (substitute to carbs)
– Dairy-free dark chocolate (instead of regular chocolate)
– Oatmeal w/ coconut milk & agave syrup for when I have cravings


Cutting out on dairy has really helped me to eat much healthier and to keep a balanced diet. Without realising it, I’m eating way more raw vegetables than I used to and I’m having less cravings. I would lie if I said it was easy to completely change my lifestyle, but I’m getting used to it now and knowing what I can and cannot eat is becoming easier everyday. Also, eating out has become so difficult and challenging. I’ve never realised how many restaurants just aren’t dairy- or gluten-free. It’s easier to use that as an excuse and just order something that contains dairy (even if its just a little bit) but I just fight it and think of the end results that I achieve by banning dairy.

Hopefully by sharing my experience this will motivate you to adapt a healthier lifestyle too 🙂 There are plenty clinics that offer DNA tests to see what foods you’re intolerant to and what you should stay away from. I haven’t done a DNA test yet but I have a feeling that I’m intolerant for dairy because I get the worst stomach pain if I consume anything that contains dairy now, maybe my body isn’t used to it anymore.

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