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What to pack for a beach vacation

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The reason why I’m doing this post is because Ryadh (my husband) and I recently got back from a beach vacation to Sri Lanka. Everything he packed for that trip just didn’t make any sense (LOL). Mainly because he didn’t really know what to pack and of course it also has to do with men just being too careless about what they’re packing to a trip. Then I realized perhaps there are more people that have no clue what to pack for a beach vacation, so I decided to break it down for you from my personal experience.

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This is the first item you should be packing when you’re travelling to a sunny destination. Getting sunburned is very painful and not fun at all! You want to prevent this from happening by always wearing a sunblock especially on your face and shoulders. Depending on the climate you can choose your SPF, the hotter the weather is, the higher your SPF should be. I personally always make sure to have SPF 50 with me from Bioderma. If you want to be protected from the sun but still get tanned, use SPF 20 or 30 on your face and SPF 10 on the rest of your body.

Believe it or not but vinegar helps a sunburn to disappear and cools off the skin. You can also use Aloe Vera gel, which is available in almost every sunny destination for a very cheap price, but I, find vinegar the most effective after sun that I’ve tried to date.

Because capturing memories is very important and you’ll thank yourself later. Use a camera that’s powerful and light weighted at the same time so that you can carry it around all day without being too heavy. The camera I used for this trip is the D5500 by Nikon. I’m slightly obsessed with this camera, it has built in wifi which allows me to transfer the pictures directly to my phone. The quality of the pictures are very high and sharp which to me as a blogger is extremely important.

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Mosquito repellent

You can never have enough mosquito repellent. Depending on the region you’re visiting, mosquitos can be brutal in some tropical regions so always make sure you’re protected, especially in the evening.

Hand sanitizer
The largest bottle you can find even if you’re not OCD! If you like to explore the country, there might be some areas where it’s not very hygienic. Always make sure you have a bottle of hand sanitizer or anti-bacterial wipes in your bag to at least keep your hands clean before consuming anything.

Flip-flops and sneakers
Flip-flops are definitely a must on a beach vacay. Walking barefooted on hot sand is not fun! If you’re adventurous and you like to explore the country, make sure to have comfortable shoes with you such as a pair of sneakers.

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A sarong or kimono are always useful as a cover up when you’re on the beach because sometimes it can be too hot and humid to get fully dressed.

Sample sized beauty products
Shower gels, deodorant, face wash, moisturizers, hair gels/creams etc. can take up so much space and weight in your luggage. I mean, are you really going to need that 100ml shower gel during your trip? No, you’re not! Most pharmacies sell sample sized beauty products that are travel friendly. If you can’t find your favorite beauty products in sample sizes, buy empty containers (which you can find at Boots or Daiso) of 30ml each and fill those bottles in with your beauty products. Even if you run out, hotels always offer toiletries in the rooms just in case you didn’t pack enough.

Sample sized perfume
Packing a full perfume bottle can be very heavy, especially if it’s in a glass container. This leaves you no extra weight in your luggage to pack any souvenirs on your way back. In many pharmacies you can find empty perfume bottles of 30 ml were you can transfer a little bit of your perfume in to.

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Mini Band-Aid kit
This is optional but it can be very useful for emergencies, especially if you have kids.

Not to pluck your eyebrows, I mean, you can if you want to – but mainly for emergencies. You never know what can happen and a pair of tweezers can be a lifesaver in some situations. For example, if you accidently stand on glass and have a tiny piece of glass stuck into the palm of your foot. Or, if you got bitten by something and need to take out the remaining of it to prevent any infections.

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Coconut oil

This is optional too but to keep your hair healthy and moisturized through out a beach trip, I like to use coconut oil. Salty water can be drying to your hair and to keep it conditioned, I like to leave some coconut oil in my hair whenever I’m going to the beach.

Light weighted snacks
If you’re a picky eater or you have kids that are picky when it comes to eating food they haven’t tried before, snacks can be very helpful. Personally I can’t handle spicy food and to my recent trip to Sri Lanka, I realized that almost every local dish is spicy. Snacks such as almonds, granola bars, biscuits and dried fruit can at least get you through out the day without starving.


Obviously not to wear during your trip but to wear on an air-conditioned plane or train.


What NOT to pack:


This can be something very personal. Coming from a makeup addict myself the make-up bag I recently packed with me to Sri Lanka was completely useless. Other than my lip balm, waterproof lipstick, and bronzer, I didn’t use any other make-up. The country is so humid and you’ll sweat so much that it doesn’t make sense to wear make-up at all. My make-up brushes, powder foundation and eye shadows were completely useless during my trip.

This can also be something very personal. Heels are the last thing you need to worry about when you’re traveling to sunny destinations, especially on an island. You won’t find any comfortable pedestrian roads other than sand, grass and rocks. A nice pair of flat sandals can be a good replacement.

A pair of jeans
Completely useless in hot destinations. It’s too hot to wear it and only takes up space in your suitcase.

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Expensive jewelry

If you’re staying in a fancy resort, you’ll have a safe where you can keep your jewelry. Other then that, chances are big that it might get stolen when you’re walking outside (especially at night) or you might get ripped off even more than usual when you’re shopping.


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I hope these tips will be useful for your next trip and safe travels!

All pictures in this post were taken with the Nikon D5500 camera.



  1. Haha nice post! I always take things with me on vacation that doesnt make sense. But the products you listed are nice! Maybe an addition for a beach holiday I always take Moroccan Argan Oil withe me. It may sound weird but after tanning it really helps to calm your skin down and to give it the hydration it needs. I get mine from and its pure and certified. I love your posts, keep them coming!

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