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Last week I had such an amazing opportunity. I got the chance to
work for E! News and with Jennifer Lopez. E! news is a huge TV entertainment
channel in the United States. And they chose me to be the Make-up Artist for
E! News reporter Alicia Quarles.

Jennifer Lopez visited Dubai last week for 2 days to give a concert for
her ‘Dance Again World Tour’. Alicia Quarles, celebrity reporter from
E! News, flew over from the US for an exclusive interview with Jennifer Lopez.
Alicia interviewed the biggest stars and celebrities in the world like Oprah,
Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington,  Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber,
Beyonce, 50 Cent, Rihanna and many more.


E! news was following and filming Jennifer Lopez and her family behind the
scenes during her 2 days stay in Dubai. E! News hired me to do the make-up
for Alicia Quarles for her exclusive interview with Jennifer Lopez and
Beau Casper Smart (Jlo’s boyfriend + background dancer).


During the two days I worked side by side with Jennifer Lopez and I
was also responsible for the make-up of Casper for the interview with Alicia.


Alicia was in town for 2 days. The first day I went to Alicia’s hotel to do
her make-up and to get her ready for the evening. Jennifer Lopez was
opening the biggest Audi showroom in the world and E! News was filming
her and Alicia had to interview Jennifer Lopez! After the appearance at Audi
they all went to Cavalli Club to have dinner.


The next day was the day of the concert and we started very early.
I had to do Alicia’s make-up at her hotel again. We had some spare
time left so I decided to show her a little bit of Dubai because she
would fly back already the next day. We had lunch at ‘Zaatar w Zeit’
in JBR (which she loved!) and then we went to the ‘Marina Walk’ to
have some drinks and shisha.

After our fun morning we headed to ‘The Rixos’ on the Palm where
Jennifer Lopez was staying.  We were meeting the camera crew at the
lobby of the Rixos. I did some touch ups for Alicia and then we went
to Jennifer Lopz her room to film her celebrating thanksgiving with her
family and crewmembers.  After celebrating thanksgiving we had to
do an interview only with Casper. For this interview I was also responsible
for Casper’s make-up.


Once we finished the interview we went straight to the concert. Jennifer Lopez
had a police escort to the concert and her manager Benny Medina went by boat.
On the boat Alicia interviewed Benny Medina.


When we arrived at the concert we got backstage passes. There was an
open buffet and drinks so everyone was having dinner first. Before the
show started we went on stage to film and interview the crowd.
Then Jennifer Lopez and the entire crew did a prayer in a circle.
After the prayer we all walked together with Jennifer Lopez to the stage.
The concert started so went to the VIP section to enjoy the concert.


After the concert we went backstage to interview Jennifer Lopez again.


Then we went back to the Rixos. Jennifer’s after party was held there but
we didn’t attend the after party. We knew Jennifer was just making a
quick appearance because she had an early flight the next day to
Shanghai. And we were super exhausted after a very long day! We just
enjoyed some drinks at the bar in the lobby.


This was such a great experience and opportunity for me to work with
E! News, Alicia Quarles, Jennifer Lopez and Beau Casper Smart. I had
so much fun spending time with Alicia and the rest of the crew.


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Najla Gun is a Dubai based make-up artist & blogger who is committed to providing the very best in makeup design and application. The premier make-up artist for the region’s most prominent personalities.